On Taimyr

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An ethnographic sketch, filmed during the work of the Northern Expedition of the Institute of Ethnography on the Taimyr Peninsula, tells about the life of the descendants of the most ancient population of the Arctic, the northernmost reindeer herders of our planet - the Nganasans. Landscapes: antlers in the snow; deer in the pasture; types of forest-tundra; spring in the tundra; wild geese fly in the sky above the earth; ice floes float on the water. Women and children dismantle the chum standing on the seashore, put skins and sticks into the boat. The Nganasans are sailing in boats on the sea in a caravan. The man in the boat is setting up nets. Men, women butcher fish on the shore, cover it with snow. Children play on the shore, build a small tent. Women make skins, sew clothes, cut patterns on leather strips, sing (synchronously). One of the women is making jewelry. The shaman beats a tambourine, performs a magic ceremony, talks with a scientist - a member of the Northern Expedition. The scientist examines national decorations. Sketches made by members of the expedition. Drawings of Nganasan children. Loading and unloading operations ashore: men unload logs from a barge. View of one of the villages. Children pick flowers in the meadow, take them to the teacher. Reindeer teams ride on the tundra. A shepherd in a reindeer team drives around a herd of reindeer lying in the snow. Fawn with its mother. A man is skinning a dead deer. Women smoke pipes, do housework. The men are unharnessing the deer. Children help adults.
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