On the Coast of Adjara

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Types of Batumi Botanical Garden and Subtropical Plants. Among them: palm trees, agave, eucalyptus tree, cinchona tree. Tung tree with fruits, Japanese bamboo. Visitors to the botanical garden walk in a bamboo grove. View of the building on the territory of the botanical garden, built in 1902, where scientific laboratories are located. Eucalyptus tree, cinchona trees, tung tree with fruits in the botanical garden. General view of the landscape of Adjara: tea plantations, a view of one of the settlements. Collection of tea leaves on tea plantations. Girls carry baskets with collected tea leaves. Processing of tea leaves in a tea factory: a tea leaf moves along a conveyor, is processed in a special unit (drying, grinding?). Packing tea in special boxes. NDP on boxes "Narkomischeprom". Lemons, tangerines and oranges on the branches in the garden of the collective farm-millionaire them. Voroshilov. Harvesting tangerines and oranges. Harvested fruit packaging. A panorama of a group of collective farm workers awarded with medals of the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. Men perform the dance "khorumi". Musicians accompany dancers on folk instruments. The audience applauds the performers of the "khorumi" dance. General view of the building of one of the sanatoriums in the resort area of Adjara. Vacationers for a walk in the garden. Types of buildings of other sanatoriums. Female swimmers in competitions: jump into the water, swim at a distance. General view of one of the beaches. Vacationers sunbathe on the beach, swim in the sea (removed from the movement). Two girls lie under an umbrella on the beach. Vacationers swim in the sea, walk along the shore, along the embankment, ride boats, kayaks (removed from the movement). Evening seascape at sunset.
Sh. Martashvili
Film ID
fuel industry
, swimming
, rural settlements
, state agricultural enterprises
, relaxation
, food industry
, rewarding
, botany
, spa assistance
, sea transport
, everyday life
, landscapes
, artistic activities
, cities
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V. Kereselidze
Other Creators
Musical designer G. Hamburg, Sound engineer A. Kamionsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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