On the Far Eastern Border

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Border guards in ambush. Weapons, ampoules with poison, a diving suit of a foreign intelligence agent Golubev, who violated the border in the area of the Far Eastern outpost, in a museum. The city of Blagoveshchensk. Embankment. Beach. The Chinese city of Heihe on the opposite bank of the Amur. Sopka "Zaozernaya". Lake Hasan. Wire fence. The passage of the border guards. The head of the outpost is I. Pashintsev. Monuments to border guards Makhalin and Kotelnikov. Barkasny Island on Ussuri. Border outpost named after M. Zhidkov. Observation tower. Barges are sailing along the Amur. Chinese raft. An ensemble of border guards on the deck of the barge. Chinese steamer. The work of the Soviet-Chinese scientific expedition in one of the Khingan sections of the river. Korean and Soviet sentries on both sides of one of the sections of the Soviet-Korean border. Border outpost soldiers in the classroom. Control and trace strip. The outfit of border guards in the forest. Border boat. Pasechnik GV Aprelkov, awarded the medal "For Distinction in the Protection of the State Border of the USSR", at home. Children in the garden. Border village, whose residents have created a mobile motorcycle group to help protect the border. The first Soviet station on the border with China is Zabaikalskaya. Passengers on the platform. Inspection of the composition. Customs inspection hall. Luggage inspection. Detention of the offender. Sea border. Border boat. Border trespasser - Japanese kawasak, schooner. Inspection group of border guards on a schooner. Conversation with the Japanese skipper.
V. Gulin
Film ID
, everyday life
, sea transport
, protection of state borders
, preschool education
, railway transport
Number of Parts
V. Gulin
Other Creators
Scenario B. Mozhaev, Director G. Gaidalin
Release Date
Has Sound

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