On the Front Road

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North Caucasian Front, Kuban, Stanitsa Chernoerkovskaya, spring, 1943 Troops of the 58th Army, as part of the strike group of the North Caucasian Front, taking part in the Krasnodar operation, overcome a fierce enemy offensive. Spring thaw, incessant rains and flooding of the Kuban create extreme difficulties for the delivery of ammunition and food in cars and animal-drawn vehicles to the front line. Hundreds of collective farmers - women and children of the village of Chernoerkovskaya came to help in the delivery of ammunition. The Red Army soldiers are laying out ammunition: shells, mines, cartridges in the bags and bags of the residents of the village of Chernoerkovskaya, who, in turn, come up to him one by one. Among them are the collective farmer Marfa Artamonovna Lukhtarevskaya and the schoolgirl Vera Kadinets, who are queuing up for shells, the fighter puts shells into bags and sacks. Women follow each other with sacks and bags over their shoulders, in which there are ammunition, making their way along the impassable road, across the overflowing seething Kuban River, with difficulty overcoming the water obstacle. View of the flooded farm outbuildings. View of a stuck truck on the Kuban crossing. Women with ammunition go across the field to the front line, among them Vera Kadinets, throw bags of ammunition under the explosions of enemy artillery. Soldiers of the 59th Rifle Brigade of the 10th Rifle Corps, including Sergeant A.I. Morse, take ammunition from women, thank them for their help. Martha Artamonovna Lukhtarevskaya gives A.I. Morse shells and a bottle of milk.
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the great patriotic war
, automobile transport
, settlements
, landscapes
, help to the front
D. Kaspiy, A. Kaznacheev
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