On the Orenburg Land

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The film tells about the development of industry and agriculture in the Orenburg region. Landscapes of the river, the Orenburg steppe. The stone face of a pagan god lies in the steppe. The road in the steppe, along which a car with a tanker passes. The Guberlinsky Mountains are a mountain range in the east of the Orenburg Region in the basin of the Guberlya River (a tributary of the Ural River is right). A herd of goats of the "Guberlinskoye" farm grazes on the slopes of the mountains. Shepherd, Hero of Socialist Labor G. Nurumov watching a herd of goats. A Kazakh girl in a national headdress walks across the steppe, leading a horse. Production processes in the shops of the Orsk-Khalilovskiy metallurgical plant. Steelworkers, including V. Gaidamachuk, observe the process of steel melting in open-hearth furnaces. The movement of a passenger train on the railway. Signs by the road with the NDP "New Moscow", "Voronezh". The car drives along the highway. Installation of a gas tower using tractors. Drilling foreman crew. Commander of the Order of the Red Banner of Labor V. Pankratov at work on a drilling rig of one of the wells of a gas field. Construction of one of the first gas condensate processing plants in the Orenburg region. The machine operators of the Maisky state farm, headed by the director of the state farm, Hero of Socialist Labor G. Zheleznyak, discuss the beginning of the harvest. Combines work in the fields of the farm. Cars with grain leave the field. At the wheel of one of the trucks the chauffeur, Hero of Socialist Labor F. Mursalimov. The grain of the new harvest is on the current, the women are raking the grain. Combine harvesters at night. The movement of a convoy of trucks with grain at night with the headlights on.
G. Timofeeva
Film ID
fuel industry
, metallurgy
, state agricultural enterprises
, automobile transport
, livestock
, landscapes
, railway transport
, plant growing
Number of Parts
V. Fedotov. N. Sharapov, N. Shumkova
Other Creators
screenwriter V. Plotnikova, sound engineer I. Kokorin, editor V. Kozhin
Release Date
Has Sound

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