On the Outskirts of Taganrog

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After the liberation of Rostov-on-Don, the formations of the Southern Front began to develop the pursuit of the enemy along the coast of the Azov Sea. Units of the 151st Infantry Division of the 44th Army under the command of Colonel Andranik Sarkisovich Sargsyan, overcoming fierce enemy resistance. move along the Taganrog Bay, freeing settlements from the invaders. Southern front, February, 1943. General view of houses in the village of Primorka. Soldiers-artillerymen of the 626th Infantry Regiment are rolling out a gun disguised among the ruins of one of the huts. The gun commander, Petty Officer Antonov, is among the crew, monitoring the enemy. The gunners are loading a gun, firing. After several shots, the artillery crew returns the gun to its original place behind the hut. Actions of the mortar company of the 626th rifle regiment. 82 mm mortar shells enemy positions in the area of the village of Varenovka. Mortar Chilingarov is loading a gun, next to him is Sergeant Poluektov. General view of 122 mm gun battery No. 3 626 infantry regiment. Battery commander Lieutenant Nesterov at the gun. Mortar gunners of 82 mm guns, hiding behind a hillock, are firing at the village of Varenovka.
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the great patriotic war
, cities
74,1 (общ. 278,6)
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B. Shchadronov
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