On the Roads of Romania

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Romania. Chronicle footage of the Second World War: the fighting of the Soviet troops, the population of Romania is met by the Soviet troops, the Romanian partisans are walking (1944). Landscapes of mountains, rivers, valleys, forests. Danube river. Movement of ships. Rafters drive rafts along a mountain river. Architectural monuments, including the Sighisoara castle. Oil fields and refineries. Loading and unloading operations in the seaport of Constanta. Production processes at industrial enterprises, including at a metallurgical plant - the city of Hunedoara. Romanian and Soviet specialists work. Workers are engaged in amateur art circles in the Houses of Culture. Production processes in agriculture. Meeting of agricultural leaders. G. Gheorghiu Dej speaking. Geological expedition. Institute of Atomic Physics of the Academy of Sciences of Romania. State reserve in the Danube Delta. The Bistrica river. Closing the river and building a canal. G. Georgiu Dej visits one of the industrial enterprises in Craiova. City of Bucharest. Nikita Khrushchev's meeting with G. Gheorghiu Dej. City views. Transport, pedestrian traffic. Meeting in the National Assembly. Theatre. Picture gallery. Museum of the village (rural life). Market. The park. Competitions of athletes at the stadium. Shooting a feature film in the pavilions of the film studio (synchronously). Speech by singers and dancers in the studio of the Central Television (synchronously). International Music Festival named after J. Enescu. Speakers: I. Menuhin (USA) and D. Oistrakh (USSR). Military parade and demonstration in Bucharest.
ABOUT. Подгорецкая, М. Iliešu
Film ID
the second world war
, urban transport
, cultural connections
, timber industry
, water industry
, artistic activities
, fuel industry
, metallurgy
, river transport
, club type institutions
, museums
, theatre
, landscapes
, zoology
, exhibitions
, sea transport
, athletics
, agriculture
, cinematography
, economic communications
, a television
, geology
, atomic physics
, political connections
Number of Parts
K. Ionescu, I. Grek, G. Zakharova, M. Prudnikov, F. Patakfalvi, P. Holban
Other Creators
composer A. Vieru, announcers G. Shumakov, T. Vdovina, sound technicians S. Zakharia, Z. Uzdin, combined shooting by K. Soltescu, script by V. Vintu, editing assistants M. Djordgescu, A. Gavrilina
Release Date
Has Sound

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