On the Seas and Oceans №61

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. Through the Tatar Strait. The plot tells about the present day and further development of the Vanino-Kholmsk ferry crossing. The plot includes the following filming: general view of the railway station and the seaport in Kholmsk; freight trains at the station and ships at the port; view of the building of the sea terminal; passengers in the premises of the station: buy tickets at the ticket office, wait for boarding in the recreation room; general view of the Sakhalin diesel-electric ship at sea, the captain of the ship in the wheelhouse, passengers in the dining room during lunch, in the cabin; ships in the port of Vanino; passengers go ashore; General view of a passenger train at a station in Vladivostok, the movement of a passenger train. 2nd plot. Ship repair - advanced technology. The plot tells about new means of automation and mechanization of repair work at the Ilyichevsk shipyard. The plot includes the following filming: a panorama of the plant, production processes in the workshops of the enterprise, in the repair docks; repairing the vessel using the "Box-26" machine gun and "hold hand". 3rd plot. Computer - stevedore. The plot tells about the use of small-sized computers with a standard bank of programs for calculating the most rational schemes for loading ships. The plot includes the following filming: ships are in the port of Klaipeda, among them "Captain Panfilov"; loading and unloading operations in the port; use of mini-computers - stevedores in the Lithuanian Shipping Company during loading operations. 4th plot. Training center. The plot is dedicated to the Leningrad training and research center for retraining and advanced training of captains. The plot includes the following filming: captains are engaged in various simulators under the guidance of captains-mentors.
N. Khomutova, N. Polonskaya, I. Chervonobab, A. Sokolov
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computer engineering
, everyday life
, sea transport
, public catering
, shipbuilding industry
, professional education
, railway transport
Number of Parts
A. Gorchukov, V. Motychenkov, N. Zotov, I. Puntakov, M. Kamionsky
Other Creators
There is no data
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