On the Seas and Oceans No 66

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. Collaboration. The plot tells about the international cooperation of the USSR and Finland. The sea ship is sailing along the Saimaa Canal. Signing of a joint protocol between the USSR and Finland on the duration of navigation on the channel in common use. The movement of the vessel "Kapitan M. Izmailov" along the channel covered with ice. The movement of foreign ships along the canal. Opening one of the locks on the canal. Finnish specialists serving the channel at the control panel. Loading and unloading operations in one of the ports on the canal. 2nd plot. Automated control system at the terminal. The plot tells about the implementation of the automated control system at the terminal of the Vladivostok seaport. The movement of a freight train along one of the highways of the Far East. Trucks with containers enter the port territory. General view of containers with cargo in the Vladivostok port. General view of the Computing Center in the port. Loading and unloading operations in the port. Loading containers onto a truck. 3rd plot. Group captures. The plot tells about mechanization in the loading of pipes. Unloading of large-diameter pipes in the Ilyichevsk port using a group cassette automatic capture. 4th plot. New technology. The plot tells about a new technology for cleaning heavy fuel. Employees of the Central Research Institute of the Marine Fleet at work in the laboratory to create a new technology for fuel purification, in which the fuel is completely burned; an employee of one of the institute's departments checks the condition of the engine after the used fuel. 5th plot. Strongmen. The plot tells about sports and recreation work in the Lithuanian Shipping Company. A group of people walking along one of the streets of Klaipeda. The movement of vehicles along the street. View of the sports complex of the Lithuanian Shipping Company. Shipping company employees are engaged in weightlifting in the gym - lifting weights; among them - master of sports, champion of the Lithuanian SSR, USSR record holder Romas Zenkevichus. Sailors in their free time on the deck of one of the ships are engaged in weightlifting under the guidance of a coach. Type of competition in weightlifting: athletes lift weights, members of the panel of judges sit at the table, awarding the winners. The sailors go to the port.
V. Berman, N. Khomutova, V. Dumnov, Yu. Sazonov
Film ID
economic communications
, automobile transport
, sea transport
, physical culture and recreational work
, finland
, cities
, railway transport
Number of Parts
Yu. Maryamov, N. Chervonobab, I. Kogan, V. Dudarev, A. Gorchukov, M. Kamionsky
Other Creators
There is no data
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Has Sound

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