On the Seas and Oceans No 67

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The newsreel has four plots. Filmed by order of the USSR Ministry of the Navy. 1st plot. "SATELLITE COMMUNICATION". Russia. The building of the Far Eastern Center for International Satellite Communications. Antennas for satellite communications near the building of the center. An employee of the center receives a radio message. Radar antennas on a ship. The ship's radio operator receives messages by telephone, teletype and telegraph. The ship "KLAVDIYA YELANSKAYA" ("Claudia Elanskaya") at sea. Animation illustrating the functioning of the satellite communication system. The navigator in the wheelhouse determines the location of the vessel using the instrument. Tourists in the Space pavilion of VDNKh near the model of the Cospas-Sarsas International Space Rescue System. Antennas for space communications near the building of the ground station. Station employees at work. Type of emergency beacon. 2-nd plot. “SCIENCE - TO THE MARINE. DIAGNOSTICS AT A DISTANCE ".Ukraine. Researchers of the Odessa Institute of Marine Engineers, who, together with the port workers of the Ilyichevsk Shipyard, developed a new method for diagnosing metal structures, are testing the metal ingot under dynamic loads. With an increase in the load on the metal ingot, its image on the thermal imager screen changes, and the places of stress concentration become visible. Scientists in the port are checking large-sized structures, riveted joints, welded seams, making a forecast about the reliability of load-bearing elements. "SELF GRIPPERS FOR BARRELS" Lithuania, Klaipeda. Klaipeda seaport. Lever mechanical grippers made at the Bryansk experimental plant of lifting and transport equipment of the USSR Ministry of the Navy are hanging on the cables. Reloading metal drums using factory grippers. Crane operator at work in the crane cab. Movers are taking off the grabs Handling of polyethylene drums with mechanical lever grippers developed by the port's innovators. Loading and unloading operations in the port. Transportation of barrels by autocars. 4th plot. SIMULATOR FOR MECHANICS, Russia, Leningrad. Mechanics, under the guidance of experienced mentors, practice professional skills for working on automatic ships with the help of simulators at the Leningrad Higher Maritime School named after Admiral S.O. Makarov.
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, sea transport
, radio communication
, mechanical engineering
, professional education
, cosmonautics
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