On the Seas and Oceans No 70

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The newsreel has four plots. Filmed by order of the USSR Ministry of the Navy. 1st plot. MARINE SATELLITE COMMUNICATION Russia. Sea water spaces; a ship is sailing in the background. Seagulls over the sea. Animation illustrating the movement of 4 "Horizon" satellites, with the help of which maritime satellite communications are carried out. Ship at sea. Satellite communication antenna on the ship. The ship's radio operator receives a message by telegraph. Space communication ground station; station employees at work. Animation illustrating the scheme of space communication of ships with a coast station. The radio operator on the ship speaks on the telephone. Russia, Moscow. Employees of the Central Communications Center of the USSR Ministry of the Navy are processing signals from the coastal station. Telegraph operators at work. Transfer of drawings, copies of business documents using a fax machine. 2nd plot. "TO A SECOND LIFE FOR CONTAINER" Ukraine, Odessa region, Ilyichevsk. Portal cranes, damaged containers, rail freight cars on the quay in winter. A cargo ship with containers on board departs from the pier. Industrial buildings of the Ilyichevsk inter-route base, where the country's first plant for the complex repair of large-capacity containers is located. Delivery of containers to the production workshop by rail and by truck. Workers repair containers, carry out welding work, and manufacture parts to replace them in defective areas of containers. Industrial robots perform production operations in the container cleaning and painting area. Checking containers on special stands under extreme loads. The vessel "Yuri Maksaev", loaded with containers, is on the way. Freight freight train rushes along the railway. 3rd plot. "MECHANICAL DIFFERENTOMETER". Russia, Leningrad. The ship is under loading in the port; dockers work. The captain of the Baltic Shipping Company Prikhodskiy, the creator of the mechanical trimometer, stands near the ship on the quay. Type of device. Prikhodsky in the cabin is making a map of the optimal trims, he says over the intercom. Animation diagram of the operation of a mechanical trim meter designed for the correct placement of cargo on a ship. 4-th plot. "THE FATE OF AELITA". Ukraine, Odessa region, Izmail. The family of Aelita Dmitrievna Donukalova drinking tea in the garden near the house. A. Donukalova and members of her team work at the site for cleaning and painting ships in the shop of the Izmail shipyard. A.D. Donukalova, a deputy of the Izmail City Council of People's Deputies, is receiving visitors in the office.
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standard of living
, telegraph communication
, sea transport
, local government authorities and institutions
, invention
, radio communication
, shipbuilding industry
, communication
, railway transport
, a family
, home life
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