On the Seas and Oceans No 71

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The newsreel includes the following plots: 1st plot. A space beacon for icebreakers, the story follows the use of the Arctic Television Information System to plot a ship's course through ice. The plot uses the following filming: the movement of a caravan of ships along the Northern Sea Route. The ship is moving among the ice; specialists in the information center process the data received from the satellite and transmit it to the ships; icebreaker "Krasin" moves in ice; navigators plot a course along the map in the navigator's room. 2-nd plot. New in welding. The plot tells about a new technology of welding seams on the lining. The plot uses the following filming: Ships "Slavyansk", "Balashikha", "Pyotr Dutov" in the dock under repair; carrying out welding works on ships; General view of the workshop at the Southern Research Institute of the Morflot, where one-sided welding technology is tested using ceramic backings; Institute specialists for the development of new types of fasteners, incl. metal cassette and magnet. 3rd plot. Engine covers - a second life! The plot tells about the restoration of the covers of the main engine "Sulzer RND-90". , where the covers of the main engine "Sulzer RND-90" are being restored; the crane lowers the engine cover onto the ship, the engine is installed in the engine room. 4th plot. Marine philately. The plot tells about thematic collections of philatelic seascape. The plot uses the following filming: general view collection of stamps of the collector-philatelist V.V.Sinegubov; V.V.Sinegubov and his friend sort out stamps; young sailors visiting V.V.Sinegubov.
L. Boldyrev
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shipbuilding industry
, communication
, marine fleet
, collecting
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I. Puntakov, A. Gorchukov, N. Zotov, Yu. Sazonov
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