On the Seas and Oceans No 79

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1 plot. Time is running out. Ferry crossing "Ilyichevsk-Varna". Marine vessels in the port. Ferry "Heroes of Victory", Bulgarian ferry "Heroite to Odessa". Port workers work at computers. Sailors and transport workers of the Soviet Union and Bulgaria at work during the ferry crossing of trucks, empty wagons, forests. Ferry "Heroes of Shipki" in the port and at sea. 2. Mutually beneficial cooperation. NDP for fresh vegetables collected from several food depots of the Leningrad commercial port. Type of farm under the sponsored state farm "Agro-Balt" (formerly "Kolos"). A herd of cows grazes in the meadow. A storage building designed by Dutch architects where potatoes are stored. NDP for potatoes. Construction of a complex for processing meat products. Yugoslav builders are erecting buildings, specialists from Germany are assembling equipment. Greenhouses with cucumbers, green onions, dill. Students of the equestrian school at the state farm "Agro-Balt" in the classroom on horseback riding. 3 plot. New life-saving appliances. Sunset over the sea (landscape). Production of hydro-thermal suits in a special workshop of the Baltic Shipping Company. Seamen learn to use suits for rescue operations at sea on a training vessel. 4 plot. Sports festival. Odessa. The streets of the town. Monument to the Governor-General of Novorossiysk A.E. Richelieu (bronze, 1823-1828, I.P. Martos). Events dedicated to the All-Russian sports festival of educational institutions of the sea and river fleet. Festival participants take part in competitions in applied sports: playing volleyball, pulling a rope, etc. Relay - transporting a dummy in the pool. Awarding the winners of the competition.
N. Khomutova
Film ID
collective farms
, sea transport
, mixed sports
, cities
, railway transport
, plant growing
Number of Parts
I. Puntakov
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There is no data
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Has Sound

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