On the Steel Highways of the USSR No 224

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1 plot. School of Excellence. Ukraine, Lvov NDP on the streets of the city. People on the streets Building of the Shchors cinema. Station building. Freight trains on railway tracks. The building where the Office of the Lviv Order of the Red Banner of Labor of the railway is located. The head of the freight service of the Lviv railway is holding a meeting with his colleagues. Management staff at work. Freight train transports buses. The building of the Lviv bus plant. Workers of the railway shop during work in the warehouse at the loading of packaged scrap metal into railway wagons. The first secretary of the Lviv regional party committee VF Dobryk gives an interview (sinhr.). Lviv region. Buildings of the Drogovnichesky oil refinery. Oil tanks are moving along the railroad tracks. The train's freight train carries oil in open wagons. Lviv seminar-meeting. Speakers behind the podium. Seminar participants applauded in the hall. 2 plot. The water will remain clean. The freight train of the train moves on railroad tracks. Buildings of the Kalitinsky sleepers impregnation plant of the Gorky railway. The process of the technological cycle of water purification. Treatment facilities are in operation. Laboratory assistants take a water sample after biological treatment. 3 plot. Highways of the driver Denisov. Deputy of the Regional Council of People's Deputies, laureate of the State Prize, holder of 3 orders of labor, the driver of the Bryansk-2 depot G.N. Denisov talks about his work, in the driver's cab he manages a freight train of increased weight, conducts training sessions in the road-technical class schools with future train drivers.
N. Khomutova
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, railway transport
, oil industry
, automobile transport
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Y. Maksimov N. Zotov I. Puntakov
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