On the Verge of the Second Century

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Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Moscow Conservatory. Foyer. Honors board with the names of those who graduated from the conservatory. Musicians in the lobby. A. V. Sveshnikov, T. Khrennikov, K. Erdeli among the musicians. L. Oborin, J. Glier, E. Gilels - awarded with diplomas and first prize winners of the International Piano Competitions in 1927, 1936 and 1938. L. Gilels, M. Kozolunova, D. Oistrakh, E. Gilels, J. Zak, L. Oborin, J. Glier in the foyer of the Conservatory. Performances of Soviet directors abroad: S. Richter - Paris, L. Kogan and D. Oistrakh - Japan, M. Rostropovich - England. E. Gilels at the piano at the front. Board of students and staff of the conservatory who died during the war. Hall of the Conservatory. Portraits of Rubinstein, Tchaikovsky. A ceremonial meeting dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the Conservatory. I-st Secretary of the Moscow City Committee of the CPSU N. G. Egorychev attaches the Order of Lenin to the banner. Rector of the Conservatory A. V. Sveshnikov speaking. Musical figures of the union and autonomous republics are presenting gifts. Congratulations to the pioneers. The Conservatory Student Symphony Orchestra, conductor K. Ivanov, performs the overture to Glinka's opera Ruslan and Lyudmila. The old building of the conservatory. Departure of conservatory students to the Arctic. House-Museum of P. and. Tchaikovsky to Klin. Vice-rector of the Paris Conservatory K. Pascal performs his work on Tchaikovsky's piano. Scientific conference in the Small Hall of the Conservatory. Speaker A. V. Sveshnikov, A. A. Nikolaev. D. Oistrakh and A. Kogan with their sons perform Vivaldi's Concerto for four violins and orchestra. M. Rostropovich and K. Kondrashin perform Prokofiev's Concerto for cello and orchestra. M. Rostropovich, V. Dulova with students. The winner of the 5th International Tchaikovsky Competition V. Tretyakov plays in front of his teacher, Professor Y. Yankelevich.
A. Rybakova
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cultural connections
, higher education
, museums
, awards
, music
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G. Zakharova, Y. Leonhardt
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