On Zubkovs Battery

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North Caucasian Front, Black Sea Fleet, July 10-13, 1943. Arrival at Cape Penay, where the 394th separate coastal battery is located under the command of Captain Alexei Emmanuilovich Zubkov, leaders of the Black Sea Fleet: Fleet Commander Vice-Admiral Lev Anatolyevich Vladimirsky, a member of the Military Fleet Council of Rear Admiral Nikolai Mikhailovich Kulakov, Commander of the Novorossiysk Naval Base Rear Admiral Georgy Nikitovich Kholostyakov. The leaders of the Black Sea Navy who arrived at the battery exchange greetings and talk with AE Zubkov and other battery commanders and sailors-artillerymen. Black Sea artillerymen at camouflaged 100-mm guns. General view of the bay from Cape Penay. Vice-Admiral L.A. Vladimirsky, Rear Admiral N.M. Kulakov and G.N. Kholostyakov say goodbye to A.M. Zubkov, get into an open car (jeep), the car leaves behind it is followed by another similar vehicle. General view from Cape Penay to Novorossiysk (in the foreground, broken pine branches damaged by constant enemy aerial bombardments). One of the gunners loads the gun, the other corrects the aiming before firing. The commander of the 4th gun of the 394th BS of the 1st artillery battalion, Mikhail Nikolaevich Tosov, stands at his gun, on the barrel of which there are 5 stars, says that these stars are for the destruction of convoys, tanks, railway trains and congestions of troops in Novorossiysk.
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the great patriotic war
, automobile transport
102,4 (общ. 285,2)
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M.I. Lifshits
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