Once Again About the War

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The film tells about the celebration of May 9 in Samara. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War P.A. Kucheruk, V.S. Saveliev, R.T. Timofeev, N.I. Trynin, A.M. Ulyanchuk, I.I. Finyutin (sync.). Part 1 City of Samara. Boys climb onto a tank, a self-propelled artillery gun in the square, roller-skate in the square. Passengers at the bus stop. One of the streets of the city. The movement of cars. Tram rails. Fishermen on the shore. The waitress is dancing near the table of the street cafe. Changing of the guard of honor near the Eternal Flame on Glory Square near the high relief of the "Grieving Mother Motherland". Festivities in the square. Veterans of the Great Patriotic War are dancing with girls. A military brass band is playing. Staging of the school prom in 1941. Meeting of veterans in the cinema hall of the Samara newsreel studio. Veterans remember the war (sinhr.). Part 2 Waves roll onto the shore. Pleasure boat at the pier. Girls walk down the street past old brick apartment buildings. A woman is carrying a bouquet of tulips. A military brass band plays in the square. Veterans in the square. Young people, veterans lay flowers at the memorial to the "Grieving Mother-Motherland". The soldiers stand in a line in a guard of honor. The officer reports to the military leader about the readiness of the troops for the parade. Military leaders in cars drive around the troops in the square. Veterans at the spectator tribune. Columns of war veterans, cadets and servicemen are walking along the square. The priest, the mufti, children, local residents on the auditorium. War veterans of the Kirovsky district of Samara lay flowers at the memorial to the "Grieving Mother Motherland". Meeting of veterans in the cinema of the Samara newsreel studio. Veterans remember the war (sinhr.).
Boris Svoysky
Film ID
urban transport
, automobile transport
, public catering
, state holidays
, second world war (including the great patriotic war)
, cities
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
Yuri Pivsaev
Other Creators
sound engineer V. Shubin, assistant director for editing S. Volkova, assistant cameraman V. Trekhonin, editor B. Kozhin, director A. Morozov
Release Date
Has Sound

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