Once Never

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Moscow schoolchildren of different ages (from schools No. 1208, 57, 953, school "Lotus") on the first school day talk about the most memorable event in their life. And on the ruins in Beslan, the voices of dead children are heard, who will never sit down at their desks, will not tell about their dreams. First part. Moscow, cars are driving along the road, in the background is the building of one of the schools. High school students are sitting in the classroom at their desks. Schoolchildren at recess. The girl talks about her dog. The boy talks about how he threw stones at a pigeon. Boys philosophize. The girl talks about her first love. The second part of. Moscow, a boy in an empty classroom tells how he saved kittens in the village. The girl tells how she saved the dog. G. Beslan (North Ossetia), a girl with a teddy bear in her hands, looks into the camera from the wall of a school blown through by an explosion. The view of a broken classroom is the result of the takeover of the school by terrorists. A school corridor with bullet marks on the walls. Icons in a hole in the wall, on the wall next to them are paper angels. An open book lies by the broken window. Children's toys, red carnations on the battery in the classroom, the inscription "NO TERROR" on the blackboard. Destroyed classes. The inscription "SHAME OF POWER" on the wall of the school, wreaths. The metal floors of the school building left after the explosion (taken from the top point). Textbooks in the opening of the broken window. The inscription on the wall "CHILDREN IS BESLANA! WE WILL NOT FORGET YOU".
O. Vizhachy
Film ID
, education
, transport
, terrorism
Number of Parts
D. Khodakovsky
Other Creators
Music by A. Levchenko, sound engineer N. Ustimenko, editor O. Shaposhnikova, producer N. Zheltukhina
Release Date
Has Sound

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