Once upon a Time There Was an Old Man with an Old Woman

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A film about a veteran of the Second World War, a resident of the village of Ostyatskoye, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Yegor Emelyanov and his wife, mother-heroine Ulyana Emelyanova. Part 1. The territory of the estate and the house of the Yemelyanovs. The dog sits on a chain. The hostess kneads the dough and puts it in the oven. The Emelyanovs are talking to each other, E. Emelyanov talks about his life (synchronously and behind the scenes). Ships on the river. E. Emelyanov looks through binoculars. A boat with guards from one of the colonies moors to the shore. The guards warn the Emelyanovs about the escape of the criminal (synchronously). The horse is grazing in the pasture. Sunset over the river. Parts 2 and 3. The interiors of the Yemelyanovs' hut. The Yemelyanovs have lunch and dinner. E. Emelyanov's awards. E. Emelyanov talks about the war (synchronously and behind the scenes). State farm workers sawing and chopping wood Emelyanov. The Yemelyanovs treat the workers, talk to them (synchronously and off-screen). Rural cemetery. Abandoned graves. Swamp. A representative of the local administration reads E. Yemelyanov a letter from the Expert Commission of the Russian Fund for Mutual Understanding and Reconciliation about the refusal to receive payment from the funds of the German Fund "Memory, Responsibility and Future" (synchronously). U. Yemelyanova works on a personal plot, sawing firewood. The crew members are helping Emelyanova. The boat with the guards of the colony floats on the river. Guards transfer from boat to boat.Part 4. Members of the film crew sawing wood. The Yemelyanovs are resting in the house, playing cards, sitting on the embankment, looking at the river. The motor ship and the barge are sailing along the river.
I. Zaitseva
Film ID
places of detention
, local government agencies
, cinematography
, funeral
, public organizations
, international connections
, river transport
, everyday life
, medals
, situation of various populations
, population
, a family
1055,3 м
Number of Parts
S. Chaplinsky
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Has Sound

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