Once upon a Wonderful Winter Day

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The film tells about the life of veterans of the Great Patriotic War, invalids O.P. Pasinchuk, V.F. Pasinchuk, S. Ya. Stetsyuk and their fellow villagers from the village of Brovki (Zhytomyr region, Andrushevsky district) The first part. An elderly woman (O.P. Pasinchuk) kneads dough in a hut, talks about her life. The freight train is passing by the railroad, in the foreground - children sledding on the ice under the embankment. Broken winter road in the village, a man walks along it, instead of one of his legs - a prosthesis. A carriage pulled by a pair of horses rides along the road. Rural street, houses, a tractor with a trailer is driving by, a truck is driving. Two one-legged men (V.F. Pasinchuk and S.Ya. Statsyuk) are trying on new shoes in the yard by the hut, a dog is sitting at the door, a cat runs out. People with disabilities remember the Great Patriotic War, how they lost their legs. O.P. Pasinchuk takes out the prosthesis from the house. Internal view of the hut. O.P. Pasinchuk on crutches in the house talks about how she got a spinal sprain during hard work. V.F.Pasinchuk carries firewood on a cart around the yard. The guests enter the courtyard of the Pasinchuks, with a child. Guests and hosts are discussing why people are leaving the village. A room in the hut, a set table, the guests sit down. O.P. Pasinchuk at the table tells how she fought in the Great Patriotic War. - three-liter cans of milk, buns on the table. Photos of the hostess of the house in military uniform on the wall. A panorama of family photographs on the walls. Women remember wartime. The second part of. Photos of O.P. Pasinchuk in military uniform on the wall. The hosts and guests sit at the table, raise toasts, talk about their lives. The Pasinchuk sing Ukrainian songs at home. The Pasinchuks, dressed in ceremonial clothes with medals, are sitting at home on the bed. Doves on the roof of the house. O.P. Pasinchuk whitewash the stove in the kitchen. V.F.Pasinchuk is walking around the yard. O.P. Pasinchuk says that the connection between parents and children has been broken, that the old people in the village are lonely. V.F.Pasinchuk walks along the road with a stick, plays the balalaika in the hut. O.P. Pasinchuk stokes the stove in the hut, a string bag of bread hangs on the door. The cat is basking on the stove, the radio is on the wall. V.F.Pasinchuk trying on new shoes. O.P. Pasinchuk washes the floor in the house. The Pasinchuks walk down the street to a neighbor for a commemoration - a woman with crutches and a one-legged man with a stick.
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the second world war
, railroad transport
, road transport
, rural settlements
, ukrainian national life
, situation of various populations
, population
, animal world
, landscapes
, cartage
, rest for children
, residential houses
, peoples life
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