One of the Many Wandering Stars

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A film about the first Jewish commune in Crimea, organized by Jews who returned from Palestine in the 1920s. Part I. Personnel from the chronicle: life and everyday life of a Jewish town; steamer movement at sea; on deck, Jews sailing to Palestine; views of Jerusalem; landscapes of Palestine; Jews at work in agriculture, quarry; life and everyday life of members of the Jewish commune in Palestine. Sh. Gorshmane talks about his life in Palestine and his departure to Crimea (synchronously and behind the scenes). Landscape of Palestine 1990. Part II. Sh. Gorshman talks about life in the Crimea and work in the commune (synchronously and behind the scenes). Chronicle footage: the movement of the ship, people on the deck; Crimean steppe, tents in the steppe, people plow the land, hedge seedlings, mow corn, women milk cows, Jews of different sexes and ages in rural life, children at school at their desks, a girl is dancing. Steppe landscapes of Crimea in 1990. Part III. Sh. Gorshman talks about the repressions against members of the Jewish commune in Crimea (synchronously). Photos of the Communards. Rural landscapes of Crimea. Israel. Types of Jerusalem. Kharamash-Sharif square with mosques. Panorama of the city (from the top point). Transport, pedestrian traffic. Street Cafe. The rabbi is walking down the street. Sh. Gorshman at home.
P. Mostovoy
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school education
, collective farms
, livestock
, sea transport
, christianity
, citizenship
, population
, nationality
, plant growing
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E. Kokusev
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