One War Older

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The film tells about the Chechen refugee camps. The film includes the following filming: 1 part. The landscape of the mountains. Ruins of old auls. General view of the tent camp of refugees in Ingushetia. Children play in the street. Women are engaged in housekeeping. Children sleep in tents. General view of the former cowshed, which houses a hostel for refugees. Children are sitting at the table. One of the women prepares the dough. Calves in the pen. Refugee rally: people talk about the indifference of the authorities towards them and are outraged by the attitude towards ordinary Chechens of certain representatives of the Russian army (sinhr.). Refugee women talk (sinhr. And off-screen.) About the difficult living conditions in the refugee camp, about their desire to quickly return home to Chechnya. Arrival to the camp of foreign artists - clowns. Clowns are playing with children. Part 2. Children sit at a table in a refugee dormitory in a former cowshed. One of the women is preparing the noodles. Children eat milk noodles. The child is eating cookies. Refugee women talk (sync. And off-screen.) About the provision of humanitarian aid and that it is not enough for everyone. One of the young women complains about the lack of necessary medical care (sinhr.), Crying. Women swear in the street. A group of residents of the refugee camp at the tent where the camp administration is located. Distribution of bread and humanitarian aid to refugees. Women collect water from the water pump. A car bringing drinking water to the refugee camp drives along the road. One of the women is preparing a meal. General view of the train in Karabulak, where Chechen refugees live. Children run on the roofs of the carriages, play under the carriage. One of the refugee women, who sheltered orphans, talks about the hard life of refugees (sinhr.). General view of the tent camp and the train that make up the refugee camp. Meeting of the elders of the refugee camp. Speech by clowns in front of children from the refugee camp. Children see off the car with clowns. Part 3. Meeting of the elders of the refugee camp. Says the head of the Council of Elders Musa (sinhr.). UN vehicles in the refugee camp. Distribution of hot meals in the refugee camp. Children play by the tents. The boys are fighting. One of the boys is pulling a goat by the rope. A refugee woman talks about her life in Vedeno, about her acquaintance with Shamil Basayev (sinhr.). A national holiday in one of the Chechen refugee camps: musicians are playing, young men and women in national costumes are dancing (sinhr.). View of the camp in the evening. Children sleep in tents. A woman with a baby in her arms, rocking him.
G. Leontieva
Film ID
situation of children
, public organizations
, livestock
, everyday life
, public catering
, public utilities and services
, population
, international organizations
Number of Parts
O. Kochubei, K. Durnov
Other Creators
V. Zorin, M. Ryabova, E. Vasilieva
Release Date
Has Sound

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