One Year Later

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The chronicle filming, united by the title "A Year Later", is devoted to the development of virgin lands, carried out in the USSR in 1954-1960, Kazakhstan. Kostanay region. State farm "Ordzhonikidzevsky". March 1955 Streets, buildings of the village. Passers-by on the streets. Schoolchildren go to school. State farm shop. Young people walk along the street of the village in the evening, with an accordion. Sowing preparation. Manufacturing processes in a tractor column. State farm cowshed, a herd of cows in the steppe. State farm director F. P. Kukhtin and other leaders. Construction of residential buildings. Power station. Bakery. Library. Barbershop. Dining room. Cemetery. The grave of the deceased tractor driver S. Antropov. Tractor "Semyon Antropov" in the field. Kostanay region. State farm "Urneksky". Streets, buildings of the central estate. Construction of residential buildings, grain storage. The Sysoenko family at home. Gathering of young builders at the farm. Kostanay region. Village "Komsomolsky". Iron ore deposit. Start of construction of a mining and processing plant, a railway line. Kazakhstan. 1955 Solving the problem of water supply to settlements, agricultural enterprises. Drilling works of the Soyuzneft trust for water extraction and deep wells construction. Moscow city. March 25-29, 1955 Meeting of Komsomol members leaving for the development of virgin lands in Altai. Seeing Komsomol members at the railway station. Komsomol members in the carriages of the train, next to the destination. Altai region. State farm "Harvest". Landscapes of rivers, mountains. Tent town. Transportation of equipment, new settlers. Plowing virgin lands and sowing cereals, including maize. Residential building assembly, building construction. state farm workers at home, during leisure hours. Session of the visiting session of the people's court in the case of hooliganism of the tractor driver V. Kotov. Speakers: prosecutor, defender, accused. Harvesting of millet, corn. Sending the first echelon with grain to Biysk. City of Biysk September 25, 1955 Meeting at the railway station. Sending a freight train with grain. Altai region. State farm "Shchorsovsky". Shooting of the feature film "Celina". Film director MK Kalatozov, cameraman Yekelchik on the set. Filming of individual episodes of the film.
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Film ID
, leisure
, court
, rural settlements
, prosecutors office
, state agricultural enterprises
, building
, school education
, plant growing
, livestock
, railway transport
, water supply
, automobile transport
, youth organizations
, agriculture
, mining (extractive) industry
, trade
, utilities
Number of Parts
I. Grek, V. Komarov, B. Nebylickiy
Other Creators
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Has Sound

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