Only Five Years

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The film tells about the achievements in the national economy of the Kuibyshev region during the 8th five-year plan (1966-1970). 1 PART The city of Kuibyshev. Buildings on the waterfront. The audience on the streets, the embankment. Transport traffic. The building has a portrait of VI Lenin and a banner with the inscription: "Our goal is communism!" Laying flowers at the monument to V.I. Lenin on the day of the celebration of the 100th anniversary of his birth. Lenin's sculpture on a pedestal. Schoolchildren and cadets are standing in the square. The building of the House-Museum of VI Lenin and a memorial plaque with the inscription: "In this house from May 1890 to August 1893 lived the leader of the world proletariat Vladimir Ilyich Lenin." The furnishings of the room in which the Ulyanov family lived. Library building; the reading room of the library, where V. Ulyanov studied. Construction site of multi-storey residential buildings in one of the city districts; cranes are working. New buildings of the school, House of life, circus, Sports Palace, residential buildings. Building and production processes in the shops of the Rossiya chocolate factory. Customers in the sales area of a grocery store buy milk, choose sausages. The building of the Central Department Store "Samara". TV sets in the sales area; a plate with the inscription: "A loan is provided with an installment plan for 24 months." A customer in the watch department. Correspondents are near a man who holds in his arms a newborn Natalia - a millionth resident of Kuibyshev. A man buys the newspaper Pravda at a kiosk. Students at a lecture in the auditorium of the Togliatti Polytechnic Institute. Recreation of the population in the winter and summer seasons. Corresponding member of the Academy of Medical Sciences, honorary citizen of the city of Kuibyshev Tikhon Ivanovich Eroshevsky works at his desk. A doctor in one of the Kuibyshev hospitals, Igor Borisovich Soldatov, examines a patient in his office. Building of the House of Culture in the evening. Performances by participants in the competition of ballroom dancers. Meeting of the Volga brewers Alexander Nikolaevich Kosyanov and the Bulgarian brewer Genche Stanchev during the visit of the Bulgarian delegation to Kuibyshev. A passenger train is approaching the station platform. Meeting of the participants of the Decade of Ukrainian Art in the Volga region. Performance of the Ukrainian choreographic collective on stage. Book Fair of Ukrainian Literature. Kuibyshev region Tourists pass by the Lenin House-Museum in the village of Alakayevka. The furnishings of one of the rooms in the museum. Combines work on wheat harvesting in the daytime and in the evening. Poultry women of the Zhiguli poultry farm at work. A milkmaid milks a cow on a farm. A tractor with feed for cows drives through the farm premises. Milkmaid, deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR Lydia Nikolaevna Bukhtoyarova works on a farm, receives voters in the premises of the Bogatovsky District Executive Committee. The driver of a heavy road train Porfiry Danilovich Teplyakov in the cab of a truck. Column of heavy vehicles on the road. Presentation of the titles of Hero of Socialist Labor to drivers P.D. Teplyakov and S.D. Ushmudin. Newsreel footage: 1967: Demonstration of workers dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Soviet power in the city of Kuibyshev; labor veterans pass the banner to the Komsomol in the square; participants in the first five-year plans and Komsomol members in the ranks. 1969 Examination of the first entrants to the Kuibyshev University 2 PART Kuibyshev region, the village of Avgustovka. Buildings of the House of Culture, village council, residential houses of local residents. Monument to V.I. Lenin. Flower bed near one of the houses, room furnishings. Kolkhoz chairman Lenina N.P. Popov attends kindergarten. Members of the collective farm board in the office are discussing the project for the general development of the village; the meeting is chaired by the chairman N.P. Popov. Project documents for a rural hospital for 50 beds. A rally on the occasion of the beginning of the construction of an irrigation and watering canal on May 16, 1970. Collective farmers hold a banner with the inscription: "Canal - the beginning of large irrigation of the Trans-Volga region." The speaker on the podium is holding bread and salt; rally participants applauded. Start of construction: bulldozers and tractors are working. Kuibyshev region Turbojet aircraft TU-154 in flight, during landing. The pilots go down the plane. Tu-154 at the airport in winter. A locomotive driver is driving an electric train. Oil workers of the vanguard Sosedov's brigade work at a drilling rig in the Kuibyshev region. The city of Kuibyshev. Workers of the 9th Bearing Plant in the shop at work. A girder crane moves a giant bearing in a workshop. The worker measures the bearing. A group of scientists from the Research Institute "Giprovostokneft", awarded the Lenin Prize for scientific substantiation and implementation of a new method of oil field development, in the laboratory. The city of Novokuibyshevsk, 1966. Road sign with the inscription: "Oil Combine - All-Union Shock Komsomol Construction". General view of a petrochemical plant. Steel tanks on the territory of the plant. A welder works at a construction site. The city of Togliatti. Installation of equipment in the shop of the Kuibyshev nitrogen fertilizer plant. General view of one of the shops. Production processes in workshops. City of Kuibyshev. Construction of the 3rd stage of the Kuibyshev synthetic rubber plant. Rubber briquettes on a conveyor. On the package there is an inscription: “Kuibyshev Plant“ Rubber SNI-3. Party number 236 ". OTK employee Galina Evgenievna Zavadskaya at work in the control laboratory of production. The city of Togliatti. Construction of the Volzhsky Automobile Plant. Road sign with the inscription: "All-Union Shock Construction". Bulldozer operator "Kuibyshevgidrostroy", Hero of Socialist Labor Pyotr Alexandrovich Kasaev works at the construction site of VAZ. Winter 1967 Wasteland covered with snow at the construction site of the VAZ. The first piles of the plant foundation. A column of trucks is moving along the highway. Loading soil into the back of a truck with an excavator. Brigadier of the complex mechanized brigade Viktor Bykov at work. Assembler, foreman Nikolai Zhvaev with workers at a construction site. Assemblers, welders at work. Cranes work in the evening. Repair and blacksmith shop. The veil falls off the commemorative plaque. The inscription on the board: "The repair and forging shop was built by the team of Promstroy-1 of the Order of Lenin Kuibyshevgidrostroy of the USSR Ministry of Energy and the organizations of the USSR Ministry of Montazhspeistroy III-1967-VI 1969." The ceremonial opening of the workshop. Cutting the tape. Workers in the workshop at the machines. The blacksmithing machine is working. Assembling the car on the conveyor. New Zhiguli cars passing through the workshop (1970). On the car there is a sign with the inscription: "Car No. 10000 Komsomolsky" and a banner with the inscription: "Accept, Motherland!" Rally of workers on the occasion of the delivery of the main building of the VAZ. Banner with the inscription: "Glory to Soviet builders", a portrait of VI Lenin above the podium. Builders hand the workers a symbolic key to the plant. The city of Togliatti. Construction of residential and public buildings in the Avtozavodsky district of the city. Painter Valentina Nikiforovna Savina is painting the ceiling. Another finisher is painting the window frame. A crane is working on a construction site. New residential multi-storey buildings (different plans). VN Savin and the workers of her team at a production meeting. VN Savin in the hall at a solemn meeting. Meeting participants applauded. Speaker on the podium read out the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on awarding the Order of Lenin to the Kuibyshev Region (sinhr.).
G. Timofeeva
Film ID
urban transport
, automobile transport
, building
, distribution of printed publications
, higher education
, livestock
, state trade
, general issues
, dancing
, slogans
, libraries
, reclamation
, automotive industry
, plant growing
, relations of the ussr with bulgaria
, consumer services
, sports
, museums
, villages
, monuments
, restcitypopulation
, art
, holiday
, rural settlements
, demonstrations
, population (including counting)
, chemical industry
, machine tool and tool industry
, awards
, air transport
, local government authorities
, the circus
, oil industry
, cities
, railway transport
, sculpture
, poultry
Number of Parts
B. Volkov, L. Sadkova, K. Stepanov
Other Creators
A. Gekasov, K. Khalzov, V. Fedorov, N. Shumkova, G. Shaposhnikova, I. Nifontova, S. Kuzmina
Release Date
Has Sound

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