Open Door City

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A film about China, the achievements of the Chinese economy. China. Landscapes. Shenzhen city. Car traffic on city streets and suburban highways. Buildings on the streets of the old and new city. Building. Signboards of foreign firms on office buildings. The building, halls and other premises of the Big Commercial Bank. Border and customs point on the border with Hong Kong. Sea port. Loading of ships. The building of the enterprise and shop of the Chinese-Hong Kong enterprise for the production of color televisions "Hua-Fa", the assembly of televisions. Exhibition of Export Goods Manufactured in Shenzhen. Sewing enterprise. Weaving factory. The interior of an apartment of one of the city's families. Guests at the table. The audience in the city park. Medical care of the population in one of the clinics. Department store and shops. Stock brokers in the hall of one of the banks. The hotel is on the shore of the bay. Interiors of hotel rooms, restaurant. Negotiations between representatives of foreign and local firms. Fishing and sale of oysters. Residential quarter of fishermen. Agricultural land in the vicinity of the city: plantations of orange trees, pineapples; poultry house. Choreography lesson at the School of Arts. Theatre. University campus. Bar and variety show (fragments of performances by artists) in the evening. Visitors to the bar.
I. Persian
Film ID
, economic communications
, standard of living
, fishing
, plant growing
, private trade
, public leisure facilities
, livestock
, textile industry
, sea transport
, public catering
, state trade
, finance
, entertainment
, professional education
, utilities
, a family
, border troops
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W. Tariq
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