Opening of the NK Krupskaya

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The plot of the film chronicle about the opening of the N.K. Krupskaya. On February 19, at school No. 41 in Kurgan, the grand opening of the N.K. Krupskaya. In front of guests and schoolchildren with a story about N.K. Krupskaya speaks [Mikhail Ilyich Krutogin] - a former student of the Academy of Communist Education in Moscow, where Krupskaya performed in the 1930s. Arkady Ignatievich Kolupaev, head of the department of the regional station for young tourists, first secretary of the Soviet district committee of the CPSU Alexander Germanovich Mazein, deputy chairman of the section of the Krupskaya Central Committee of the Council of the pedagogical society of the RSFSR Anna Oskarovna Kudryavtseva, director of the Sintez plant of medicines and products Boris Vasilievich Pestov. Students of the Kharkov school No. 106, named after Krupskaya, present souvenirs to Kurgan schoolchildren. Pioneers and Komsomol members are applauding in the hall. In the open-air museum, guests view stands with photographs and other exhibits.
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museums for special purposes
, local authorities
, general education schools
, general pedagogy and didactics
, childrens tourist stations
25,3 (общ. 212,7)
N. Semenov
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text by I. Khlyamkov
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