Opening of the Palace of Pioneers

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The plot tells about the opening in the city of Kurgan of the Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren named after Kolya Myagotin. Kurgan. The auditorium in the new Kolya Myagotin Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren, built by the Kurgangrazhdanstroy trust. On the stage, decorated for the New Year, there are pioneers and schoolchildren of the regional center, as well as the manager of the Kurghangrazhdanstroy trust, B.R. Haykis with a symbolic key to the new Palace of Pioneers. B.R. Haykis presents a symbolic key to the director of the Palace of Pioneers M.V. Lapshina. The pioneers present flowers to members of the bureau of the regional and city party committees, the executive committee of the regional and city Councils of People's Deputies, including the first secretary of the regional committee of the CPSU F.K. Knyazev, chairman of the regional executive committee A.I. Makhnev. On stage, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden; children show a fabulous performance; dance number; girls show gymnastic exercises. M.V. Lapshina on stage says (sinhr., Behind the scenes) words of gratitude for the care of the party and the government for the younger generation, for the happy childhood of children.
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palaces and domapioneers
, new year
, local authorities
, civil engineering
26,4 (общ. 183,5)
E. Breitman
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