Operation Helium Film 1 - Solar Matter

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The film tells about the history of the discovery of one of the chemical elements - helium. In a playful way, actors depicting scientists of the 18th century. German chemist R. Bunsen, German physicist G. Kirchhoff, French astronomer P. Jansen and English astronomer D. Lockyer, demonstrate chemical and physical experiments, talk about scientific research (synchronously), preceding the discovery of helium. 1st part. Germany, Heidelberg. Automobile bridge across the river. Traffic on the streets. Residential and industrial buildings. Bicycle parking in the square. Streets of the old city. University building. Monument on the square. 2nd part. Germany, Heidelberg. The building of the Heidelberg University. Staircase in the foyer of the university. Assembly Hall. In the assembly hall there is a sign with the inscription: "Rob. W. Bunsen". Spectroscope manufactured by G. Kirchhoff. France, Paris. Building of the Paris Academy of Sciences. Building and interior view of the observatory. Telescope at the observatory. Newsreels: solar eclipse; prominences in the sun. 3rd part. Newsreel footage: prominences in the sun. France, Paris. Building of the Paris Academy of Sciences. Meeting room of the members of the academy. Commemorative medal made in honor of the discovery of helium.
S. Reitburt
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automobile transport
, architecture
, chemistry
, astronomy
, professional education (higher)
, cities
, chemical physics
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E. Uetsky
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