Orange Angel

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Artistic sketch about garbage disposal in Riga. Summer, seagulls circling low over the dump. Women with bags of garbage stand on the street near their houses in the center of Riga, waiting for a garbage truck, a police squad walks by. Elderly women with bags of garbage go out into the street. View of one of the streets in the city center, passers-by are walking. Elderly people stand at the arch of the house, among them is a man with order strips on his jacket. NDP in the building of the church, cars go along the road, among them - a garbage truck. The boy rides a bicycle down the street. The townspeople take out buckets of garbage, packages into the back of a garbage truck. The garbage truck is driving down the street. The sailor is walking down the street. Two women in work coats carry a bin of rubbish to a garbage truck. In the evening, residents of one of the houses in the city center are standing with buckets at the house, waiting for a garbage truck. A man with a trash can runs after a leaving garbage truck. The garbage truck enters the courtyard of the house, the tenants go to meet. A memorial plaque on the house where the poet Jan Rainis lived, the residents of the house go to the approaching garbage truck. - a woman shakes out the garbage from a bag into the back of a garbage truck. An elderly woman walks from a garbage truck with an empty bucket, a cat is running nearby. NDP at the entrance of an old house, stairs between floors. The arch of the house, above it there is an inscription carved into the wall “SOLI. DEO. GLORIA ". Garbage is poured from the body of a garbage truck to a landfill. Seagulls take off from the landfill. The garbage truck drives through the landfill. General view of the dump, garbage trucks are standing, the bodies of which are painted in orange. Newsreel footage: Riga, [1950s], a garbage truck is driving down the street, men are taking garbage cans into the back of a garbage truck, in the background - a tram is going by; [1920s], Latvian poet Jan Rainis leaves the entrance of his house in Riga, passers-by on the street.
A. Absitis
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, urban transport
, peoples life
, consumer services
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G. Zvajgzne
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