Order on the Road

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The film tells about the ethics of human behavior on the road. Shown are accidents on roads, city highways, injured. Specialists dealing with traffic control on roads speak about the problem. Part 1 G. Leningrad. Summer. The movement of vehicles on the roads of the city. Street clock. Passers-by walk along the street in the city center. Flower beds. A regular bus is going by. A Zhiguli car crashed into a tree, a group of men is standing nearby. The Pobeda car crashed into a tree. Accident - a Zhiguli car collided with a tram, people are standing nearby. A taxi car is driving through the city, a trolleybus is passing by, an ambulance car is in the background, people are standing nearby. The wrecked motorcycle lies on the ground next to the motorcyclist, his face covered in blood. Nevsky Prospect, passers-by, traffic, a taxi car is going by. Citizens are walking along the pedestrian crossing. Traffic light. A boy walks next to a little girl who rides a bicycle, a traffic police officer looks at the children. Shops "Goods for the road", "Obuv" on the first floors of houses. A man crosses the road in front of passing cars on Vosstaniya Square. The young man talks about miscalculations in the organization of traffic. The traffic police car is driving around the city. Pedestrians cross the street near the Kazan Cathedral. The girl crosses the street in the wrong place, in the background - the shops "Glasses", "Neva" on the first floor of buildings on Nevsky Prospekt. The traffic police inspector approaches the girl. G. Leningrad. Winter. A truck drives down the street, followed by a Zhiguli car. "Zhiguli" skids on the road. Children's ward in the trauma department of one of the hospitals, the children are lying on their beds. Ilizarov apparatus on the boy's leg, on the little girl's leg. Patients in the adult ward. A young man on crutches passes through the ward. Another young man on crutches stands by the elevator, a man with a bandaged leg drives by in a wheelchair. Psychologist Valentin Mikhailovich Matveev speaks about the behavior of traffic offenders (sinhr.). Byelorussian SSR, Minsk. New microdistrict. A boy runs across the street in front of a moving car. The driver gets out of the car, reprimands the teenagers. Chief Inspector Vasiliev (staged) deals with teenagers on the street. A poster for the Oktyabr cinema (Leninsky Prospect - modern Independence Avenue), in the background - the Universam building, passers-by are walking. A man with small children passes by. Apparatus "Sparkling water", girls drink water, a teenager comes up, puts a coin in the apparatus. A young man walks past stalls on the street, smokes. Cars go along the road bridge (Zhiguli, Moskvich, Victory). A man runs across the street in front of a passing car, brakes whistle, a man falls, a truck rushes towards him (staged). The truck crashed into a passenger car, passers-by gathered. Ambulance doctors provide assistance to victims of an accident. Traffic inspectors take measurements of the scene. The truck drives off from the wrecked Zhiguli car. The traffic police inspector deals with the offender. Latvian SSR, Riga. Traffic light, cars are passing by. Pedestrians are waiting for the green light. A sign on the house "FOTO VIESNICA", a trolleybus is passing by. Aeroflot advertising on the wall of the building. The traffic police car "Zhiguli" is driving through the city. Part 2 of the Byelorussian SSR, Minsk. Scheme to the protocol of inspection of the place of a road traffic accident at the intersection of Rokossovsky Ave. - st. Denisovskaya. People's Judge Mikhail Ivanovich Fedorov speaks about the position of the offender, about the criminal liability of a pedestrian. The traffic police inspector is talking to the offender at the truck. G. Sverdlovsk (modern. Yekaterinburg). File "Case No. 54920" (accusation of Mikhail Petrovich Sabitov ... Department of Internal Affairs of the Sverdlovsk Regional Executive Committee). The police officer enters the filing cabinet, opens the closet, and goes through the cards. A passenger car, without turning on the direction indicator, turns at an intersection. The traffic police inspector whistles to stop the truck driver. The driver leaves the cab, presents the documents to the inspector. The inspector and the driver argue. The sign "ROOM FOR CONSIDERATION OF TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS". The line of violators in the corridor. Driver's licenses with protocols are spread out on the table. The inspectors in the office are examining violations. Traffic police officers monitor the traffic situation on the monitors. Traffic light, green light is on. View of one of the crossroads. Moscow. Summer. The movement of vehicles on the road bridge. G. Leningrad. Summer. Soda water machines on the street. Nevsky prospect, kiosk "Soyuzpechat", "Sausage", "Goods for the road" on the first floors of houses. A pedestrian crosses the road in front of passing vehicles. New microdistrict, cars are driving along the road. Cars drive through the city center. A Zhiguli car drives through a puddle, spraying pedestrians. Regular buses travel along the road. Traffic light. The traffic police inspector talks to the offender on the street. Broken Moskvich car on the street. Traffic inspectors take measurements of the accident site. The truck flies along the city highway, creating an emergency situation on the road, the squeal of the brakes of cars. A truck drives through a pedestrian crossing at a red light. The fuel truck violates the traffic rules on the highway. Leningrad region. Summer. The movement of vehicles on a suburban road. Rides a motorcycle with a cradle. A Zhiguli car overtakes cars on the highway, creating an emergency situation. The driver stops his faulty Zhiguli car on the side of the road, opens the hood, tries to eliminate the malfunction. The Volga driver comes to his aid. Dramatization - the senior inspector of the traffic police Semyonov stands on a suburban road, stops a passing car, warns the driver about an impending thunderstorm, offers to transfer the child to the back seat and fasten the seat belts. The boy moves into the back seat. The traffic police inspector looks at the driving off car, smiles. Psychologist Valentin Mikhailovich Matveev speaks about road hooligans, negligence, disregard for moral norms. Latvian SSR. Signpost "YOUR SPEED" - determining the speed of passing vehicles. A taxi car is going by. Shooting of road traffic on a suburban highway from a helicopter. The helicopter flies over the forest. The milk tanker is driving along the highway at an overspeed. Traffic police post on the highway. The inspector leaves the post building, gets on a motorcycle, drives along the highway, catches up with a milk tanker - the violator. Cars drive along a country road among a pine forest. The driver stops his "RAF", gets out, raises the downed road sign, sets it up. Latvian SSR, Riga. The movement of vehicles on one of the streets of the city. A young man on the street turns to the traffic police inspector. Pedestrians stand at a traffic light at the crossing. Curbstones - posters. Girls talk with cadets on the street, a traffic police inspector approaches them. A woman with a little boy, teenagers are standing on the crossing. A woman stops a teenager about to cross the street at a red light, with trucks in the foreground. A young man helps an elderly woman cross the road. The traffic light is green. Travel through the streets of Riga.
A. Menitskaya
Film ID
, road transport
, medical assistance to the population
, cinemas
, trade
, courts
, cities
, air transport
, bytgorodskogo population
Number of Parts
H. Lobert
Other Creators
E. Gokhfeld, V. Komarov, Y. Yatsenko, V. Suslov, E. Chufarov
Release Date
Has Sound

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