Ordinary Fascism 1 Episode

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Children's drawings. Children draw. Applicants take exams at the institute. City streets, trolleybus. A woman with a child is walking along a street in Berlin (Germany). Photos of the atrocities of the fascists. Museum on the site of the former concentration camp. A. Hitler is driving a car, going round the line of soldiers, goes to the podium. The crowd welcomes A. Hitler. Production of Hitler's book "Mein Kampf". Photos of A. Hitler of different years. Meetings and parades of the National Socialist German Workers' Party. A. Hitler is among the party's stormtroopers, makes a speech, receives a parade, meets as Reich Chancellor members of his cabinet - G. Goering, von Papen, Hugenberg and others. The President of the German Republic of Hindenburg with his family, at the parade, rides in a car, sits in the box of the theater. Foreign newsreels, filming of heads of European states: King George of Great Britain is in front of the guard of honor, stands in front of a microphone; former King of Spain Alphonse drives by in a car, says; the king of Norway makes a speech; the queen of the Netherlands walks in front of the guard of honor; the king of Sweden plays tennis; former German emperor Wilhelm II feeds ducks; French Foreign Minister A. Briand stands on the podium; French Prime Minister J. Clemenceau stands; family of French President Lebrun. Seals on the seashore. Foreign newsreels: jazz singers are singing, people are dancing in a restaurant; German actress M. Dietrich on the deck of a steamer; women boxing in the ring; an acrobat flies on a wire between the skyscrapers of New York City (USA); British mounted police disperse the demonstrators; King of Yugoslavia Alexander arrives in the French city of Marseille; assassination of King Alexander. Activities of the fascists in Germany: meet A. Hitler at the railway station; conduct a torchlight procession at the stadium, burn books at the stake; J. Goebbels speaks in the hall of the German Academy of Sciences, presents a diploma to Seyss-Inquart (Austria); sit at the Academy of Law, hold a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture; attend road construction, opera house, industrial exhibition, art exhibition, book exhibition in the city of Reimar. German sculptor Torak at work in the workshop. Monument to Schiller and Goethe in the city of Reimar against the backdrop of a building with a swastika. Filming of A. Hitler's associates: G. Goering, J. Goebbels, G. Himmler, R. Hess, K. Dennitz and others. Boys and girls are members of the Hitler Youth youth organization. Development of racism in Germany: the lecturer measures the skull of the student, shows the skulls of the audience and a map of the settlement of the Nordic race. Portraits of L.N. Tolstoy, V.V. Mayakovsky, A.S. Pushkin, K. Marx, A.P. Chekhov, M. Bormann, Rem. The main ideologue of racism Streicher is speaking. Fragment of Hitler's newsreel "Deyche Wokhenshau": AP Dovzhenko presents diplomas of laureates of the Stalin Prize to I. A. Pyrev, A. S. Pirogov, A. V. Nezhdanova, A. S. Serafimovich, M. M. Tarkhanov. Expulsion of people from Germany, including Jews. Bride and groom at a German doctor's appointment. German soldiers in the village flirt with the girls. Winter landscape, a horse drags a tree, there is a hut. A man in a hut makes a cradle for the future children of German soldiers. Officials present a woman with a birth certificate from a German soldier. Photos of the extermination of the Jewish people. Folk holiday: people are eating common soup in the street, swinging to the music, A. Hitler among the crowd, G. Goering with his wife drinking beer, shooting a bow. Lei speaking from the rostrum. Masquerade - people in medieval costumes. German industrialist Krupp among the senior officers - G. Goering, R. Hess and others - inspects the shop of the plant, delivers a speech. The Krupp family. A. Hitler and the Italian leader B. Mussolini, surrounded by senior German and Italian officers. The actress M. Rock is dancing.
M. Romm, L. Indenbohm
Film ID
urban transport
, science
, automobile transport
, building
, higher education
, national holidays
, police
, music
, painting
, medical services for the population
, political organizations
, leisure
, museums
, theatre
, animal world
, landscapes
, monuments
, central authorities
, exhibitions
, higher bodies of state power
, printing industry
, armed forces
, awards
, public catering
, cities
, railway transport
, sculpture
Number of Parts
G. Lavrov, V. Zhanov, B. Pluzhnikov
Other Creators
Script M. Romm, M. Turovskaya, Y. Khanyutin, music A. Karamanov, sound S. Minervin, B. Vengerovsky, photographer-artist B. Baldin
Release Date
Has Sound

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