Ordinary Fascism Episode 2

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Germany. Children play, listen to the organ. Children's drawings. Pages of a German primer with a portrait of the leader of the National Socialist German Workers' Party A. Hitler. A. Hitler among the young people gathered at the stadium, speaking, passing by in a car, the children greet him. Recruits of the German army dress in uniform, stand in the ranks, take an oath on a banner with a swastika. R. Hess on the podium. Germany before fascism: workers on vacation; footage of the 1918 revolution, the communist leader Thälmann among the workers, speaks, demonstrators are walking, they are dispersed by the police. A blind worker is working. Workers make weapons. Residents of Germany on vacation: walking on the embankment, fishing, sunbathing on the beach, sitting in a cafe on the street, a gardener tending a garden, a tram is passing by. SS men, nurses, townspeople are lined up on the streets of the city, cameramen are working. The people stretch out their hands, welcoming A. Hitler. The beginning of the war in Europe: Spain and Poland are being bombed; the German army occupies Belgium, Holland, France, Greece. Sculpture by O. Rodin "The Thinker". Ancient rock painting. City of Berlin on the morning of June 22, 1941: streets, radio tower, people listen to the radio. The beginning of the war with the USSR: a German bomber is dropping bombs, motorcyclists are driving through the village, explosions in the field. Moscow city in June 1941: streets, citizens are walking. Ukrainian SSR: a village is burning, German soldiers pose against the background of a fire, walk on Soviet soil, swim in the river, catch chickens, drive cattle. Photos of the atrocities of the Germans. A freight train with products from the USSR arrives in the city of Berlin. Grocery store in the city of Berlin. A tourist steamer from Germany arrives in Poland. Tourists visit the Warsaw ghetto: emaciated Jews sit on the street. Echelons with Jews are sent to concentration camps. Auschwitz concentration camp. Photos of the life of prisoners in the camp. A shoe store in the barracks of the Majdanek concentration camp. Photos of civilians in Germany. There is a column of German prisoners in the winter field, a German tank is on fire, corpses on the battlefield. The offensive of the Soviet Army in winter: infantry, tanks, a nurse bandaging the wounded. Meeting of war veterans on May 8, 1965 on Red Square. J. Goebbels performs at the "Sport Palace" in the city of Berlin. The water tower, the factory building and buildings are blown up. Soviet village: corpses in the snow, women crying. Captured German soldiers and generals on Moscow land, Muscovites are looking at them. G. Goering rides in a car through the destroyed city of Berlin. In a huge hall, the bodies of the civilian population of the city of Berlin lie, J. Goebbels speaks, people speak the text of the oath. A. Hitler and the leader of the "Hitler Youth" Axman bypass the formation of boys. Soviet troops in the city of Berlin. Foreign newsreels of the 1960s: children go to school (East Germany), young people on the streets of Paris (France), car stunts, a woman with an open chest smokes, an athlete demonstrates muscles, a beauty contest, training marines, trained dolphins are performing. Photos of former SS men. The burgomaster of West Berlin V. Brandt is speaking. Procession of former Nazis. England: Nazi leader Mosley speaks, the police disperse the crowd. Desecrated graves in the Jewish cemetery. Neo-Nazis are passing by, standing at the White House in Washington (USA). Photo of the German industrialist Krupp. High society ball in West Germany. Rocket launch. The explosion of the atomic bomb at sea. American jet bomber.
M. Romm, L. Indenbohm
Film ID
the second world war
, urban transport
, automobile transport
, radio communication
, trade
, police
, cosmonautics
, painting
, political organizations
, leisure
, communist parties
, river transport
, tourism
, animal world
, navy
, rural settlements
, rail transport
, armed forces
, cinematography
, childrens literature
, air force
, public catering
, atomic physics
, cities
, defense industry
, sculpture
Number of Parts
G. Lavrov, V. Zhanov, B. Pluzhnikov
Other Creators
Script M. Romm, M. Turovskaya, Y. Khanyutin, music A. Karamanov, sound S. Minervin, B. Vengerovsky, photographer-artist B. Baldin
Release Date
Has Sound

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