Oryol Battle

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1 part. The line of defense of one of the sectors of the front. Preparation of Hitler's troops for an offensive on the Oryol bridgehead. Soviet sappers mine the approaches to the defense line. Attack of German tanks. The shelling of Soviet artillery at the advancing tanks. Air battle. Soviet troops are on the attack. Medics carry out the wounded from the battlefield. Captured Germans pass through the streets of Kursk. Part 2. Concentration of shock groups in sectors of the Bryansk Front. The soldiers are preparing for the offensive. Artillery fire on enemy positions. The planes are bombing the German fortifications. Members of the Military Council of the front at the map. Part 3. Ferry of Soviet troops on pontoons across the river. Sappers are clearing mines in the area. Tanks are going to break through the Oryol bridgehead. Air battle. Landing of a wrecked Soviet plane at the airfield. The burning plane (German) falls down. Part 4. Breakthrough by the Soviet troops of the German defense. Soviet soldiers seize German dugouts, take German prisoners out of them. Liberation of settlements by troops. The local population returns to their homes from the forests. Views of Mtsensk with destroyed city houses. Types of Bolkhov after liberation from the invaders. Part 5. Destroyed German dugouts, destroyed German tanks and guns. Captured German soldiers. The offensive of the troops of the Central Front. Commander of the Central Front, General of the Army K. K. Rokossovsky at the command post. The offensive of the infantry, tanks. Participation in the operation of the troops of the Steppe and Voronezh fronts. Eagle city is on fire. Part 6. Meeting of the population of Orel Soviet troops. Liberation of prisoners from fascist dungeons. Ruins of city buildings. Views of Belgorod after liberation. The funeral of Soviet soldiers who died during the liberation of Orel and Belgorod. Fireworks in Moscow in honor of the liberation of Orel and Belgorod.
R. Gikov, L. Stepanova
Film ID
the great patriotic war
, combat operations
, military leaders
, cities
, the atrocities of the fascists
Number of Parts
S. Holbrich, A. Gaft, V. Dobronitsky, A. Kazakov, R. Carmen, A. Krylov, F. Leontovich, E. Lozovsky, J. Marchenko, I. Malov, G. Mogilevsky, B. Nebylytsky, G. Ostrovsky, M. Poselsky, V. Smorodin, A. Sofin, A. Solodkov, A. Frolov
Other Creators
director's assistant E. Kozina, K. Kulagina, camera assistant I. Gutman, Y. Monglovsky, M. Prudnikov, sound engineer Kashkevich, V. Kotov, director V. Slonimsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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