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Construction of the Krasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station. Imploding works. Pit. The Yenisei River during the spring flood. The water erodes the dam bulkhead and floods the foundation pit. Strengthening of the lintel. The city of Divnogorsk. Foreman Yu Sevenard with his wife and son for a walk, at home. Sevenard carries his son in his arms to kindergarten. The Yenisei River. Automobile bridge across the river. The movement of a passenger steamer, city bus. Turkmenistan. The Karakum Desert. Oil fields Katur-Tepe and Barsa Gelmez. Production processes in oil fields. Helicopter movement. The village of builders in Barsa-Gelmez. The Burdachev brothers, tractor drivers, carry water for Barsa-Gelmez oil workers. Krasnovodsk region. The city of Nebit-Dag. Bus movement. The car is watering the streets. The plot is dedicated to the diver A. Volobuev. A. Volobuev during work to rescue the diver V. Tyschenko. A. Volobuev and V. Tyschenko carry out diving work to check the bottom during the construction of one of the seaports on the Black Sea. Divers detect and raise to the surface military shells, demining them. Construction work in the port. Seascapes. The plot is dedicated to the chairman of the collective farm Tamara Bubnova. Novgorod region. Chuchemlya village. T. Bubnova with collective farmers; bypasses the crops of flax, corn, rye; visits the machine-tractor station. Harvesting of flax, rye. Teacher Pavel Petrov - husband of T. Bubnova with students; with T. Bubnova. Chronicle: 19-year-old T. Bubnova - the chairman of the collective farm rides a horse, talks with collective farmers in different areas. Arctic. Victoria Island. Landscapes of snow and ice. Blizzard. Seagulls. Polar expedition. Winterers-polar explorers T. Sorokin, V. Vasiliev, E. Zatolochin, V. Milov at work. Collecting data for weather reports and transmitting them by radio. Airplane at the polar station. Polar explorers in leisure hours: play the guitar, chess. The plot is dedicated to the crew of the schooner, who checks the serviceability of the lighthouses. Pacific Ocean. The schooner is in motion, at stops. Checking the health of the beacons. Seascapes. Swimming in the sea, lunch. Storm. Seals. Lighthouses are burning. The plot is dedicated to the high-altitude installer V. Malyava. Construction of the Krivoy Rog metallurgical plant. Blast furnace installation. V. Malyava at work. V. Malyava reinforces the banner of the All-Union shock Komsomol construction on the blast furnace.
E. Vermisheva
Film ID
urban transport
, nature
, standard of living
, settlements
, preschool education
, radio communication
, plant growing
, geography
, a family
, fuel industry
, leisure
, metallurgy
, energy
, collective farms
, river transport
, natural disasters
, meteorology
, animal world
, landscapes
, school education
, beautification
, sea transport
, socialist competition
, specialized machine stations
, cities
, air transport
, home life
Number of Parts
G. Aslan, E. Legat, I. Bgantsev, N. Rusanov, S. Kiselev, G. Serov, O. Lebedev, I. Filatov
Other Creators
There is no data
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