Our Friend Is a Bicycle

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The film is about bicycle racing in Estonia. Fragments of long-distance cycling races. One of the athletes drinks water on the go. - the faces of the athletes. A dense flow of cars on the streets of one of the cities, among them an elderly man rides a bicycle, a taxi "Volga", a regular bus. Former racer Georg Janson rides his bike through the city. G. Janson repairs a bicycle wheel in his workshop, speaks Estonian (synchronic translation into Russian). Young cyclists watch the work of the master. Buyers in the bicycle section of the Sporttovary store. G. Janson selects a bicycle in the store, in the background - air mattresses for sale. Athletes prepare their bicycles for the 122 km cycling marathon starting in Tartu (everyone is welcome). NDP on athletes on bicycles waiting for the start. Start. Cyclists are driving along Tartu Street, in front there is a traffic police car, spectators are standing along the road, escort cars are driving. View of the central streets of Tartu during the cycling marathon. Cyclists ride along the road outside the city, past fields, villages. Glasses of tea, pies on tables in the meadow, cyclists eat, relax on the grass. Athletes take pictures of each other, inflate bicycle tires. City park, a woman helps a little girl to ride a bike. Children's bicycle race in the park. Start. Fragments of the competition. Children ride bicycles as they race down the street in one of the new neighborhoods. A group of cyclists rides along a country road, one of them falls, dragging some of the athletes along with him, the rest continue their journey. Triple bike on the track. A bike with a design that allows the athlete to be in a reclining position. A four-wheeled structure on which 10 athletes ride on the pedals. Finish at the stadium. Spectators meet the winners of the bicycle races. Athletes drink tea after the finish, bicycles lie on the grass.
H. Roozipuu
Film ID
urban transport
, out-of-school education
, road transport
, fight a healthy lifestyle
, cycling
, state trade
, landscapes
, cities
, peoples life
Number of Parts
A. Вилу, Г. Мелешко, П. Vajlewain
Other Creators
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