Our Friend Maurice Torez

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A film about the life of the General Secretary of the French Communist Party M. Torez. Photos of M. Torez in childhood, youth, among workers. France. Quarters of the city of Paris. The strike of workers on the railway. The police disperse the demonstrators. Newsreel. Congress of the French Socialist Party in 1920. Demonstration of the French fascists. The signing of the Munich Treaty in 1938. The capture of Paris by the Nazis. Fascist flag at the Eiffel Tower. A. Hitler and other fascists are approaching the Eiffel Tower. Newsreel footage of military operations during the Civil War in Spain, World War II on the territory of Western Europe, the USSR. Liberation of Paris in 1944. 10th Congress of the French Communist Party in 1945. M. Torez speaking. Photos of the views of Moscow in the 1920s. Newsreel. The people welcomed the October Revolution. VI Lenin is speaking at the 7th Congress of the Comintern, held in 1935 in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. At the presidium A. Barbusse, V. Pik, P. Togliatti, M. Torez, M. Kashen. M. Torez speaking. M. Torez among the delegates of the 20th Congress of the CPSU in 1956: speaks (synchronously in French). M. Torez's visits to the cities of Leningrad, Odessa, Minsk. M. Torez on the atomic icebreaker "Lenin". France. Funeral of M. Torez. People at the Père Lachaise cemetery. Waldock Roche speaking. Grave of M. Torez. Moscow city. Funeral meeting in the Column Hall of the House of Unions. Mikhail Suslov speaking. Institute, street named after M. Torez in Moscow. The town of Chistyakovo in the Donetsk region (Ukraine), renamed to the town of Torez.
I. Setkin
Film ID
the second world war
, communist parties
, fascist parties
, political connections
, police
Number of Parts
There is no data
Other Creators
Sound D. Ovsyannikov, script by S. Zykov
Release Date
Has Sound

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