Our Friendship for Centuries Party and Government Delegation of the USSR in the Peoples Republic of Albania

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Albania. Landscapes. Tirana city. Streets. The audience in the streets, the ice cream seller. Airport building. Meeting of the party and government delegation of the USSR. Among the greeters I-st Secretary of the Central Committee of the Albanian Communist Party E. Hoxha, Chairman of the Council of Ministers M. Shehu. Those who meet greet NS Khrushchev and those accompanying him. Report of the Chief of the Guard of Honor. E. Khodzha, NS Khrushchev are speaking. Passage of the escort cars through the streets of the city of Tirana. Admission to the Central Committee of the Albanian Party of Labor. Members of the Soviet delegation visiting the museum of the people's liberation struggle of the Albanian people, laying wreaths on the grave of heroes, visiting a textile mill, an opera and ballet theater, the city of Shkoder. City streets, bridge. Rally in honor of the Soviet guests. Speakers are M. Shehu, Nikita Khrushchev. The city of Korca. Celebration in the city in honor of the arrival of guests. Musicians, dancing in the square, meeting. Performers are Husni Kapo, Nikita Khrushchev. The members of the delegation visiting the sugar beet plantations, talking with the residents of the Bulgarians village, visiting the oil refinery in Cirrique. Coast of the Adriatic Sea. The city of Durres. A rally in the city in honor of the Soviet guests. Tirana city. Extraordinary session of the city people's council of Tirana, at which it was decided to confer the title of honorary citizen of the Albanian capital on NS Khrushchev. Nikita Khrushchev is planting a tree in the Youth Park. Members of the Soviet delegation visit the university. Rally on the square in front of the university. Rector Ziya Klechi, NS Khrushchev are speaking. Signing a joint statement of the party and government delegations of the USSR and Albania. Rally at Skanderbeg Square. Speakers: E. Khodzha, NS Khrushchev. Receiving guests at the Central Committee of the Albanian Party of Labor. Nikita Khrushchev's visit to the city of Saranda, inspection of citrus plantations, the remains of the ancient city in Butrikti. Tirana. Nikita Khrushchev laid the foundation stone for the Palace of Culture. Seeing off at the airport.
A. Rybakova
Film ID
fuel industry
, communist party
, textile industry
, higher education
, museums
, political connections
, higher state bodies
, agriculture
, theaters
, cities
Number of Parts
S. Kiselev, E. Yatsun
Other Creators
sound engineer D. Ovsyannikov, assistant director T. Shirman, speaker L. Khmara, text by G. Shergov
Release Date
Has Sound

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