Our Invisible Friends

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Film about bacteria and microbes. Part 1 View of village houses, in the foreground - a reservoir. Reflection of vegetation in a reservoir. A drop of water from a pond on a microscope. View of a drop of water under a microscope. View of ciliates under a microscope. The type of bacteria, the process of division of bacteria, demonstration of the experiment on the limit of the multiplication of bacteria, the multiplication of putrefactive bacteria (animation footage). Forest landscape with a pond, foliage is falling. A field of flowers at the edge of the forest. Portrait of Louis Pasteur. The process of fermenting milk into sour milk (animation frames). A laboratory worker at a dairy plant at the microscope, where pure cultures of lactic acid bacteria are bred. Sour milk production process at a dairy plant. Finished products. Part 2 Grape plantation, grape harvest. Type of bacteria - yeast, yeast reproduction process (animation frames). Squeezing grapes. (animation frames). The dough in the glassware rises. Growing yeast in bakeries. Unloading loaves from the conveyor. Moldy bread. A view of mold under a microscope, the crystallization process of citric acid under a microscope (animation footage). The process for the production of citric acid from black mold. A dry preparation of azotobacter in a glass jar (weight 90 g, but it contains 900 billion bacteria that can make several hectares of land fertile). A scientist in the laboratory, conducting an experiment on the effectiveness of the use of nitrogen bacterium when growing crops (animation footage). Grain field in the wind.
B.G. Valleys
Film ID
Number of Parts
V.N. Asmus
Other Creators
Scriptwriter V.D. Koltypin, microphotography operator A.M. Kudryavtsev, composer V.A. Oransky, sound engineer A.S. Prozorov
Release Date
Has Sound

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