Our Motherland Is the Soviet Union

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Press conference of public and state leaders, artists, scientists and writers of Jewish nationality, protesting against the use of the names of Soviet Jews in Zionist propaganda. Among those present are Lieutenant General D. Dragunsky, actress E. A. Bystritskaya, People's Artist of the USSR A. I. Raikin. Interview with D. Dragunsky, in which he talks about himself and expresses his protest (synchronously). Meeting of Yiddish writers and artists of Jewish nationality with the director of a documentary film about the life of Jews in the Soviet Union in the editorial office of the Sovetish Geimland magazine. the city of Birobidzhan in the Jewish Autonomous Region. The building of the Executive Committee of the Regional Council of Deputies. The streets of the town. Production workshop of the Birobidzhan agricultural machinery plant. Types of the collective farm "Wadgeim" in the Jewish Autonomous Region; collective farm chairman V. Peler in the office. Interview with the first deputy of the Central Statistical Office under the Council of Ministers of the USSR Volodarsky, conductor of the Bolshoi Theater on the situation of people of Jewish nationality in the USSR (synchronously). A fragment from the performance of the Chisinau Jewish People's Theater. The building of the Moscow Choral Synagogue. Believers pray in the synagogue. Rabbi Levin condemns the speeches of American rabbis in his interview (synchronously).
L. Christie
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, rural settlements
, agricultural engineering
, theatre
, local government authorities and institutions
, national policy
, media
, judaism
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