Our Motherland

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Educational film about different geographic latitudes of Russia. The film includes shooting: clouds in the sky. Type of landscape: NDP of forests, rivers, fields (removed from the movement of the aircraft). Primary school students are preparing for a lesson in the classroom, talking with a television worker in the control room (sync.). NDP. General view of the village (landscape). NDP of residential multi-storey buildings. Water. The plane takes off into the sky. Landscapes of the Far North: a herd of deer running through the forest (filmed from a helicopter); polar bear in the snow. Tundra. A man drives a reindeer team. People get into a helicopter. The icebreaker moves through the ice. Children swim in the Black Sea. Harvest of grapes, strawberries. NDP taiga (removed from the plane). A she-bear with a bear cub, a lynx, a hare in the taiga. The course of the Yenisei River (landscape). General view of the Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station. NDP mountains. Pacific waters. Volcanic eruption on the shores of Kamchatka. Camels in the sands of the Karakum Desert. Scenery. NDP of the Pamir mountains (removed from the plane). NDP taiga (removed from the plane). Combine harvester and tractor are working in a wheat field. Children swim in the river. Cows go to the watering hole along the farm. The plane is flying in the sky. A passenger train travels along the coast of the sea along a mountain road. The motor ship sails on the sea. Moscow. Passengers get off the plane. Railway station, people are walking. The movement of vehicles on the highway. A panorama of the Ostankino tower. General views of different residential areas of Moscow (filmed from the top). New buildings. The clock on the building of the puppet theater. General view of the Kremlin. A military parade dedicated to May 1 on Red Square. NDP in a birch grove.
V. Yurlovsky
Film ID
urban transport
, a television
, school education
, collective farms
, livestock
, sea transport
, railway transport
, air transport
, geography
, zoology
Number of Parts
Yu. Shkundov
Other Creators
Sound engineer B. Kokin
Release Date
Has Sound

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