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The film is dedicated to the 1961 monetary reform. Banknotes of various denominations, printed and put into circulation on the territory of Russia, the Soviet Union in different years (multi-work), including: money issued in the Urals, Siberia, Khorezm, banknotes issued by generals Yudenich, Denikin, hetman Skoropadsky, millions banknotes from the early 1920s, money from the 1940s. Manufacturing processes in industry and agriculture. Trade, customer service in shops and department stores. Cashiers receive and count money. Moscow city. Daily proceeds of the state department store (GUM). Transportation of proceeds by carts, car. Moscow office of the State Bank. Operating rooms. Counting and packaging of coins and banknotes. Printing of new price lists for goods in one of the printing houses. Preparation for shipment, packaging of new banknotes in state depositories. Employees of the emission department of the State Bank at work. Transportation of new banknotes by road, rail, horse-drawn, air transport on the territory of the USSR. Workers of one of the enterprises receive wages with new money. Customers pay for the goods in the store with new bills. A foreign citizen exchanges dollars for rubles at the exchange office of the State Bank. 1960 Fifth session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. Session meeting. Nikita Khrushchev is speaking.
Ya. Babushkin
Film ID
, higher state bodies and institutions
, state trade
, finance
, money turnover
, economic policy
Number of Parts
A. Vorontsov, V. Bukhovtseva
Other Creators
Yu. Yurov, M. Volodarsky (script), A. Zlobin (text), R. Vygodsky (announcer)
Release Date
Has Sound

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