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Australia. Opening of the XVI Olympic Games in Melbourne. Lighting the Olympic flame, delivered by relay from Athens. Parade of sports delegations from different countries on the field of the stadium "Cricket Ground". Competitions of track and field athletes; athletes perform: V. Kuts, L. Spirin, M. Krivonosov, S. Rzhishchin, L. Shcherbakov, I. Kashkarov, G. Zybina, T. Tyshkevich; are weightlifters V. Stogov, A. Vorobiev, F. Bogdanovsky, I. Rybak. Wrestlers: A. Parfenov, V. Nikolaev, G. Kartozia, K. Vyrupaev, N. Soloviev. Boxers: V. Safronov, V. Yengibaryan, G. Shatkov. Rifle shooters: A. Bogdanov, V. Romanenko, V. Borisov. Gymnasts: V. Muratov, A. Azaryan, V. Chukarin, L. Latynina, S. Muratova. Soviet footballers: I. Netto, A. Ilyin, S. Salnikov, B. Tatushin, A. Paramonov, E. Streltsov, L. Yashin and others participating in a football match at the Olympic Games. Meeting of the Soviet Olympians in the Vladivostok seaport, who arrived from Melbourne on the ship "Georgia". Ball of athletes - champions of the XVI-th Olympic Games - in the Grand Kremlin Palace. Present: Sophia and Valentin Muratov, L. Latynina, G. Shatkov, V. Kuts, F. Bogdanovsky, A. Azaryan, T. Manina, A. Bogdanov; leaders of the Soviet government: NS Khrushchev, NA Bulganin and others.
A. Rybakova
Film ID
, international connections
, sports
, athletics
, boxing
, fight
, shooting sport
, sea transport
, weightlifting
, higher state authorities
Number of Parts
V. Kiselev, Y. Leonhard, E. Lozovsky, M. Oshurkov, N. Soloviev
Other Creators
Script, text L. Kassil, I. Prok, announcer L. Khmara, editor G. Blinov, composer V. Geviksman, music producers I. Schweitzer, D. Shtilman, sound engineer I. Voskresenskaya
Release Date
Has Sound

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