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Repair of an auto-braking device of a railway car in the Vologda depot using a new flow-nodal method. A worker places a repaired part under a carriage. The city of Kalinin. Installation of a television mast at a television relay station. The technician turns on the instruments in the new television center. Customers buy TVs in the store. Family members and neighbors are watching a television program on KVN TV. The city of Kaliningrad. Doctor-surgeon T. A. Zvereva at home; examines patients in the hospital; in an ambulance plane, on call to a patient in a remote area of the region; makes an operation in a district hospital. Students of a technical school in the city of Kirov in the classroom, laboratories, workshops of the school; in the hostel for the preparation of educational assignments; while relaxing. Reception of patients by doctors in the clinic of the Ivanovo melange plant. Internal premises of the Smolensk House of Soviets: lobby, Small, Big meeting rooms; offices of employees of the Executive Committee of the Council of Deputies and the regional committee of the CPSU. The city of Kalinin. Championship of the RSFSR about bandy between the teams "Avangard" (Kalinin) and "Metallurg" (Lipetsk). The Avangard team is the winner of the match.
L. Kikaz
Film ID
local government agencies
, secondary vocational education
, leisure
, a television
, sports
, health care
, state trade
, railway transport
, air transport
Number of Parts
K. Stankevich, F. Ovsyannikov, B. Kozyrev, D. Soda, A. Pavlov, S. Fomin, P. Rusanov
Other Creators
Sound B. Kartavenko, editor L. Gorin
Release Date
Has Sound

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