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The village of Vakhrushevo, Kirov region. The meeting of the district election commission. The chairman of the commission presents M. V. Mikheeva with a certificate of a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the RSFSR. Master tannery named after Lenin M. V. Mikheev in the shop of a shoe factory at work. Hero of Socialist Labor, link collective farm named after Ilyich of the Bezhetsk district of the Kalinin region, EI Nilov, in the control and seed laboratory of the regional flax station, gets acquainted with the results of analyzes, shares his experience of flax growers in agrotechnical courses; packs a sheaf of flax to be sent to Moscow for the All-Union Agricultural Exhibition. The circulation of the winnings of the Third State Loan for the restoration and development of the national economy of the USSR, held at the Bryansk Drama Theater. T. A. Romanenko, the cashier of the mobile savings bank, pays out winnings on the bonds. Assembling radios for cars in the assembly shop of the Murmansk radio plant in the Vladimir region. Testing of radio receivers. The designers are discussing a new model of the radio receiver. Scenes from the play based on the play by A. Gorky "Yegor Bulychev and others" at the Palace of Culture in Bryansk performed by the theatrical group of the Bryansk steam locomotive plant. Spectators in the hall. The city of Velikiye Luki. Zone weightlifting competitions for the RSFSR championship. Performers are weightlifters: A. Staritsyn, I. Volchenkov, N. Grigoriev, Yu. Kozlov. Presentation of diplomas to the winners. The city of Arkhangelsk. A hockey match with a ball between the teams "Vodnik" (Arkhangelsk) and the House of Officers in Petrozavodsk. Moments of the game.
L. Isaacson
Film ID
collective farms
, electronic industry
, sports
, leather and footwear industry
, artistic activities
, loans
, economic policy
, plant growing
, electoral system
Number of Parts
I. Akmen, V. Valdaitsev, F. Ovsyannikov, A. Pavlov, D. Soda, R. Chevalier
Other Creators
sound E. Belsky, editor L. Gorin
Release Date
Has Sound

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