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Meeting on the platform of the Kaliningrad railway station NS Khrushchev and NA Bulganin, heading to England. The passage of cars with N. A. Bulganin and N. S. Khrushchev along the streets of Kaliningrad, along the embankment of Baltiysk. NS Khrushchev and NA Bulganin board the Ordzhonikidze cruiser. The cruiser "Ordzhonikidze" departs from the pier. A new installation for processing parts with high-frequency currents in the workshop of the Yaroslavl Automobile Plant. Checking parts for strength. Shop of the Kirov Cord Factory. Monorail for transportation of semi-finished products; spinning machine; installation for collecting dust. Brigades of fishermen of the collective farm "20 Let Oktyabrya" of the Nenets National District on ice fishing. Travel of the convoy with fish. Fish reception center "Farikha". Loading frozen fish onto the plane. Checking the quality of flax seeds in the Pskov control and seed laboratory. Incubator station of the poultry farm "Ostrov" in the Pskov region. Removal of chicks from incubators. Cadets of the Arkhangelsk Naval School at lectures, studying instruments. Celebrating the 175th anniversary of the founding of the school; honor guard of cadets, presidium of the solemn meeting. Speeches of the secretary of the Arkhangelsk regional committee of the CPSU Kostrov, a former student of the school, captain Zhukov. Performance by artists of the Hungarian circus in Leningrad.
L. Isaacson
Film ID
secondary vocational education
, communist parties
, fishing
, cultural connections
, state agricultural enterprises
, agricultural sciences
, sea transport
, fishing farm
, automotive industry
, political connections
, navy
, professional education
, great britain
, air transport
, art
Number of Parts
S. Maslennikov, S. Fomin, A. Reizentul, D. Soda, B. Kozyrev, Y. Lebedev, F. Ovsyannikov, G. Donets, N. Blazhkov, N. Vinogradsky
Other Creators
Sound E. Belsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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