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Yaroslavl Automobile Plant. Manufacturing of liners for cars in the mechanical workshop - the old method and the new - metal-ceramic, developed by the Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering Technology. Institute staff: Kokorev, Monakhov, plant engineers: Kiselev, Konstantinov are testing. Sowing corn using the square-nesting method in the fields of the Put Communism collective farm, Kaluga Region. Agronomist Victoria Iglessias from the Spanish city of Bilbao, who arrived in the USSR in 1936, checks the holes with seeds. Timber rafting on the Kilmez River in the Kirov region. Raft formation. Workers: Barber, Britkov. The captain of the tug A. A. Rogov takes the raft. The tug is pulling the raft. Ivanovo equestrian athletes are preparing for the Spartakiad of the Peoples of the USSR. Golubev, A. Rulev, Zh. Guseva in the classroom in the equestrian club, on the arena. The city of Velikiye Luki. Radio station. The concert of amateur art of the garment and knitwear factory "Rodina" is broadcast on the radio. Arrival in Leningrad of the Indian parliamentary delegation headed by Krishnamurti Rao. Meeting at the airport. Delegates in Smolny, on the cruiser Aurora, in the Hermitage, at a session of the Leningrad City Council of Working People's Deputies.
L. Kikaz
Film ID
, international connections
, river transport
, timber industry
, horseback riding
, india
, museums
, broadcasting
, artistic activities
, automotive industry
, plant growing
Number of Parts
I. Akmen, A. Bogorov, G. Donets, S. Kovaleva, A. Reyzentul, K. Stankevich, G. Trofimov, S. Fomin
Other Creators
Sound B. Kartavenko
Release Date
Has Sound

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