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Collective farm named after Molotov, Kostroma region. Livestock farms, grain dryer, brick factory. Construction of a club, residential buildings. A type of diesel locomotive for narrow-gauge railways, produced by the Kaluga Machine-Building Plant. Production of vinyl plastic products in the workshop of the Vladimir Chemical Plant. Finished goods. Production of vending machines for pencils at the Kaliningrad Trade Machine Building Plant. A coin is dropped into the machine, the machine issues a pencil. The city of Kostroma. Rally to mark the opening of a new boarding school. Classes, offices, workshops, bedrooms, boarding school canteen. Schoolchildren enter school on September 1st. The city of Murmansk. Construction of a television center, theater, large-panel residential buildings. MF Kostina, her husband, Belgian G. Remmeri and their son Vanya, who came from Belgium to MF Kostina's homeland in Bryansk. G. Remmeri at work at the Bryansk plant "Stroymashina". Family members at home. A new grocery store in the town of Pochinok, Smolensk region. Customers buy groceries. Kindergarten of the Ivanovo melange plant. Children of the graduation group say goodbye to the head of the kindergarten MI Gribova. International friendly football match between the national teams of the Republic of Indonesia and the city of Ivanovo, which took place at the Ivanovo city stadium. Moments of the game.
L. Kikaz
Film ID
school education
, collective farms
, sports
, football
, chemical industry
, everyday life
, citizenship
, state trade
, preschool education
, mechanical engineering
, state structure
, nationality
, utilities
Number of Parts
I. Akmen, V. Valdaitsev, A. Dobbelt, N. Blazhkov, G. Trofimov, O. Ivanov, N. Vinogradskiy, Yu. Lebedev
Other Creators
There is no data
Release Date
Has Sound

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