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Bezhetsk Steel Plant. Melting steel. At the stove P.F.Krisanov, L.E. Pers. Meeting of the leaders of agriculture of the Vologda region in the Palace of Culture of Railwaymen. Milkmaids are speaking: Z. Semenova, E. Korykhalova, chairman of the Pravda collective farm Taganov. View of the new hospital in Kalinin. Chief surgeon I.B. Galperin is engaged with students in the surgical room. Professor Rukosuev examines the first patients. Shop of the leather and shoe factory named after Lenin in the city of Kirov. Press conveyor for gluing the sole to the boots. Bonding soles in old and new ways. The village of Konchanskoye-Suvorovskoye, Novgorod region. House Museum. Meeting on the occasion of the 225th anniversary of the birth of A. V. Suvorov. Yaroslavl children's home for musical and artistic education. The birthday of nine pupils is celebrated. Children at the festive table; are engaged in classes. S. Solntsev plays the violin, N. Umbekat - the piano; F. Lebedev draws. Gymnastics competition in Ivanovo. Participating sportsmen society "Burevestnik": G. Galynin, D. Belykh, G. Belova, K. Pirogov. Presentation of certificates.
M. Dobrova
Film ID
footwear industry
, club type institutions
, higher education
, metallurgical industry
, health care
, museums
, orphanages
, special education
, gymnastics
, agriculture
, anniversaries
Number of Parts
V. Valdaitsev, P. Rusanov, J. Grinberg, A. Bogorov, A. Reisentul, R. Chevalier, F. Ovsyannikov, D. Soda
Other Creators
Sound B. Kartavenko, editor V. Rabinovich
Release Date
Has Sound

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