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The city of Kirov. City street. People read newspapers on the street, at the stand. Rallies at the May Day Machine-Building Plant, at the Vologda Pedagogical Institute, at the Bryansk Locomotive Plant in support of the Declaration adopted at the Moscow Meeting of European Countries on Ensuring Peace and Security in Europe. Production processes at the Znamenskaya Paper Mill, Kaliningrad Region. Village "Bolshoye Reizino", Gatchinsky District, Leningrad Region. Meeting of livestock breeders of the North-West regions and republics to exchange experience in the collective farm named after the 18th Party Congress of the Gatchina region. Speakers: chief animal technician of the USSR Ministry of Agriculture Dunaev, representatives from the Arkhangelsk, Novgorod, Kostroma regions. Participants of the meeting during a visit to the farm of the agricultural cartel on May Day in the Leningrad Region, talk with the best milkmaid of the collective farm Fedorova. Caring for pigs in the pigsty of the Chkalov collective farm in the Yaroslavl region - cooking, delivering food, cleaning the premises, washing, feeding the pigs. The city of Vologda. Grinder of the Vologda machine-building plant "Severny Kommunar" Simenkov during classes in the Vologda regional library, while working on a machine, at a meeting of the party committee. Simenkov was elected secretary of the workshop party organization. Speech by the circus artists of the city of Ivanovo.
V. Solovtsov
Film ID
communist party
, international connections
, higher education
, livestock
, the circus
, periodic printing
, mechanical engineering
, agriculture
, libraries
, cities
, borbazamir
, pulp and paper industry
Number of Parts
A. Pavlov, D. Soda, K. Stankevich
Other Creators
Operator assistant R. Chevalier
Release Date
Has Sound

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