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The city of Smolensk. City street. The building of the regional agricultural exhibition. Visitors at the exhibition get acquainted with the exhibits, talk with the participants of the exhibition. Exhibits of the exhibition: flax, potatoes, corn, carrots, beets, a model of a barn. Cleaning and threshing flax on the farm. Hero of Socialist Labor, collective farmer of the Gzhatsky region KP Mukhtarova lays the sheaves in the combine. Meeting of leaders in agriculture of the Smolensk region. Speakers: secretary of the regional party committee Doronin, chairman of the Kalinin collective farm Azhirkov and others. The city of Kaliningrad. Fashion atelier. Trying on clothes by customers. Children in kindergarten during games, lunch, sleep. Production processes at the Kirov factory "Red Instrument Maker". Awarding the leaders of the plant with certificates of honor. Turner A. Yuzhanina, turner L. Makhneva, milling machine operator V. Olenev with certificates of honor. The city of Leningrad. Meeting on the platform of the station of the artists of the Song and Dance Ensemble of the People's Liberation Army of China. Performance by artists. They are performing the song "Moscow - Beijing", the soldier's dance "Army Drum" (synchronously). A scene from the opera "The Monkey King pulls out his weapon in the Dragon King's Palace" (synchronously). Head of the Leningrad Department of Culture Makarov speaks at a meeting with artists from China.
E. Vermisheva
Film ID
cultural connections
, rewarding
, exhibitions
, communal services
, preschool education
, mechanical engineering
, china
, agriculture
, cities
, railway transport
, plant growing
Number of Parts
A. Pavlov, B. Kozyrev, J. Blumberg, S. Kovaleva, G. Simonov, F. Ovsyannikov
Other Creators
operator assistant R. Chevalier, sound E. Belsky
Release Date
Has Sound

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